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50 reasons - Module 1

Here's our 50 top reasons why you should join us for Module 1!

m1_designingyourway_580px 2Here’s 50 reasons why you should join us.

It’s because you want to….

1) understand more about the exciting world of surface pattern design, the opportunities it offers and how you can get involved

2) find your unique style and use this to brand your business

3) learn how to turn a basic sketch into elements to build a pattern design

4) fall in love with design, find your inner design joy and explore your creativity

5) know where and how to seek design inspiration

6) read two exclusive interviews with Abigail Borg. Hear how it all started and how she gained the success a couple of years ago and then listen to a recent interview and understand what’s happened since then, what she’s learnt and what’s next

The fabulous Abigail Borg

7) join a supportive community of like-minded creatives from around the world who will offer constructive criticism if you ask for it and plenty of encouragement when you need it (did you read how awesome our community really is on day 10 of this countdown ‘The power of a design community?‘)

8) understand colour basics and become more confident with colour application

9) get your hands on a super helpful 88 page downloadable pattern source guide

Pattern sourcebook just for you

Pattern source book just for you

10) take a course that offers a good pace and lots of variety such as videos, interviews, creative exercises, resources, references, links and information

11) learn how to trace an original drawing, edit and manipulate your image and turn it into a simplistic surface pattern concept in Adobe Illustrator

12) get a weekly Q&A with Rachael Taylor – ask her anything, she’s happy to impart everything she knows, no question too big or small!

13) build a career in surface pattern design but don’t have the time or resources to study at college or university

14) explore how to apply basic colour and layering techniques to your artwork

15) develop your design skills from beginner to pro in a short amount of time and learn all about the tools of the trade

16) learn how to work with Pantone libraries and apply Pantone colours

17) look at print motifs – what they are, how they are used and how you can create your own to use in your patterns

'Quirky Botanic' by Rachael Taylor

18) learn how to work with your scanned drawing, edit and manipulate your image and turn it into a simplistic surface pattern concept in Adobe Photoshop

19) build your confidence, learn to trust your design instincts and bring out the best in yourself

20) design the types of patterns you dream of

21) gain valuable time-saving tips and tricks in Photoshop, Illustrator and in general as a surface pattern designer

22) want industry insider tips to gain the fast-track to success

23) read an exclusive interview with Marie Perkins from one of the best surface pattern design blogsPrint & Pattern

Marie from Print and Pattern

24) explore how to edit and use mixed media artwork, manipulate it and turn it into a surface pattern concept, demonstrated using the work of the world renowned Kelly Rae Roberts

25) start to unveil your true calling be it stationery, homeware, greeting cards, accessories or textiles for example and understand where the key to your success could live

26) explore colour palette creation using your own photography and inspiration

27) get out of your comfort zone (or be totally relaxed in it depending on where you sit) and learn the basics of character creation

28) start working on developing a signature look and actually start designing your own business stationery

Rachael Taylor's business cards

29) learn how to use the type and geometric tool, place and embed images and save your file in Photoshop

30) learn in a structured, fun and professional way and see that there’s plenty of room and a place for everyone in this exciting industry

31) access a number of brand new technical video tutorials giving you the step-by-step, screen-by-screen, mouse-click by mouse-click how to’s in Photoshop and Illustrator (check out the list here!)

32) enjoy doing exercises that get you doing things you would never think to do, but play a vital role in developing the skills needed to create original and exciting pieces

33) get a taster into Rachael Taylor’s life as a dynamic and successful professional surface pattern designer

34) learn how to create a technical repeat tile set up to industry standards

35) create mood boards for capturing a concept and keeping you on track with it and to help communicate your ideas to clients

Create your own mood boards

Create your own mood boards

36) access a powerful colour meditation and inspiring interview with colour expert Louise Gale

37) be featured in the Make it in Design graduate pattern showcase and start getting your work into the world (Just like these students from our January 2015 class!)

38) develop your pattern vocabulary (you’re going to need it!)

39) loosen up, let go of negative thoughts and move forward with confidence

40) download each course post to refer to time and time again in years to come

41) gain access to a load of Rachael Taylor’s previously unpublished designs (you’ll love them!)

42) create colour palettes in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

43) learn how to design coordinating pieces and understand why its so important for your portfolio

Example of co-ordinating pieces by Rachael Taylor

Example of co-ordinating pieces by Rachael Taylor

44) want a chance to win a place on Module 2 and lots of other exciting giveaways during class

45) feel more inspired by every day objects, people and the world around you

46) have access to the classroom 24/7 so you can work at your own pace and fit it around your busy life

47) get an overall view of the design industry and identify where you fit in

48) build your confidence and be truly excited about your future as a successful surface pattern designer

49) gain a graduation certificate and shout about it from the rooftops across your blog, website, social networks or wherever

50) and last but certainly not least, you want to take an acclaimed course that’s well-regarded in the surface pattern design industry!

Sparks fly and smiles beam

Module 1 is all about easing you in, helping you to learn about yourself as a designer, loosening up, having fun and developing your own unique style.

Magic happens when you discover who you truly are, what you love doing and why you love doing it. This is such an important part of the process and should never be overlooked.

Module 1 gives you the fundamentals and solid grounding that you’ll refer back to throughout your career as a designer.

We’ve only just covered the basics in this list above, and there is loads more fab content, resources, exclusive interviews, downloads (well we can’t ruin all the surprises!).

The key to the start of your success begins when you sign up to ‘Designing your way



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