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50 reasons - Module 2

Here's our top 50 reasons why you should join us for Module 2: Creating your professional identity!


Here’s our 50 reasons why Module 2 is super awesome:

It’s because you want to….

1) shape a professional identity which will help you communicate your design brand with confidence and pride

2) learn how to create a basic technical repeat tile in Adobe Photoshop in our bonus technical workshop video. Here you’ll learn how duplicate and copy an object, how to use the transform tool, understand how to save a layered file and how to set up a technical repeat tile to industry standards – awesome!

3) understand that as a designer, your brand is about so much more than your name, logo or even your designs. We’ll delve into the world of what a brand is, why you need one and discover the secret weapon to branding success

4) learn how to pitch your designs, ideas and you to potential clients. Rachael shows how to break down the fear of having to promote yourself offering lots of confidence building tips and techniques

5) grow your brand both on and off-line. We delve into marketing strategies and promotional tools using both platforms to encourage you to be creative about how you communicate your work

6) understand how to create a high impact collection that sells as we look at the benefits of creating collections, draw on inspiration from other designers, understand what makes or breaks a collection and learn how to sell your collections many times over‘Shape City’ concept designed for a fabric collection by Rachael Taylor

7) join a supportive community of like-minded creatives from around the world who will offer constructive criticism if you ask for it and plenty of encouragement when you need it

8) Create a professional trend report in Adobe Illustrator in our bonus technical workshop video where you’ll learn how to work with layout, typography, effects and composition and discover the tricks of the trade for professional presentation

9) understand the importance proper product photography can make to your brand and how this will ensure successful ongoing PR coverage. Plus we share lots of hints and tips about photography and styling your brand

‘Etched Floral Heart’ room decoration

10) learn how to design a wallpaper line! We explain the process of creating a wallpaper collection to give you an idea of what is involved, how to find a way that works for you and your style plus we have a really fun design challenge

11) get clear on deciding on your studio name looking at the pros and cons of using your own name like Rachael Taylor, an abstract name or a combination of both

12) get a weekly Q&A with Rachael Taylor – ask her anything, she’s happy to impart everything she knows, no question too big or small!

13) learn how to add a watermark and file information to your work in Adobe Photoshop. In our valuable bonus technical workshop you’ll understand smart objects, how to work with text and add a watermark and design logo to your files. Plus you’ll learn how to save important copyright information when creating web safe images

14) get a comprehensive run through of how to develop your own website and social media channels and how to get the best and most from them

15) read about Rachael Taylor’s experience with copyright infringements and how she went about addressing them. In complete honesty she shares her remarkable story of heartbreak and triumph offering the important lessons she learnt along the way to help you keep your work safe

16) tackle a series of creative and fun design challenges to help you grow as a designer, build your confidence, build your portfolio and hone your style

17) set up your own design label, so we give you everything we think you need to be able to do this in Module 2, including a year by year account of how Rachael set up her own label in her ‘Setting up your own label: here’s how she did it’ PDF download


18) get sound advice for how to name your patterns and collections, drawing on inspiration from other designers in the industry, so you become familiar and comfortable with describing your patterns to make them sound more appealing

19) understand why trends are SO important – we’ll go into depth about how to find out about them and how use this information to your advantage and let you into the secrets of how those ‘in the know’ know what they know about trends – we cannot begin to tell you how valuable this information is as a professional designer

20) you want to be inspired by the work of Rachael Taylor and be inspired by the journey she’s taken to achieve success

21) understand the difference between a collection and co-ordinates with the help of some of Rachael’s designs to graphically show you the difference and inspire your own work

22) access an 88 page pattern source book containing a summary of different pattern styles and an overview of the key formats for patterns – super helpful stuff!

23) listen to an exclusive interview with the talented Louise Tiler who shot to fame straight after university and who’s surface pattern design success shows no signs of slowing – her story is inspirational and she’s definitely one to watch!

Interview with Louise Tiler

24) have access to all the class material for 6 whole months so you can take the course at your own pace, refer back and get the most from it

25) be able to work to a brief which is a vital part of being a surface pattern designer. In module 2 we’ll show you how to understand someone else’s ideas, turn them into a pattern whilst still maintaining an element of you! Plus we encourage you to practice using a variety of different exercises and briefs we provide

26) learn how to create an industry standard wallpaper repeat in Adobe Illustrator by adapting an existing non-repeating design and converting it to a technical repeat tile within a restricted size. You’ll learn how to gain confidence when experimenting with composition and the layout of a layered pattern tile in this cool bonus technical workshop video

27) receive generic industry specifications for printing, manufacturing and designing for various products plus a selection of product templates to demonstrate industry standards

28) read a fabulous interview with editor/stylist/design blogger extraordinaire Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay one of America’s leading interior design blogs and who boasts a ridiculously loyal readership that includes social media butterflies, top magazine editors, shoppers, and industry professionals


29) create a brand lookbook which is a reference guide for your future brand-related design decisions and also for external people who work on any design for you. This is so much fun and really valuable work!

30) learn how to get the balance between getting your work out there in public but keeping it safe on-line

31) delve into the wonderful world of typography and lettering styles for those looking to incorporate this into their own branding. We’ll give you names of famous typography queens, where to find inspiration, how to use that inspiration to create your own font plus a handful of resources where you can find out lots more


32) be guided through the various types of trend reports used in the industry (this information is golden!). You’ll be given a step-by-step guide to help you create your own trend report and even more importantly, how to work and pitch design concepts from a trend-focused design brief

33) get a taster into Rachael Taylor’s life as a dynamic and successful professional surface pattern designer

34) get the chance to win prizes each week of class simply by posting in the private Facebook community group!

35) discover how to get your work out there in the world and why it matters so much. Rachael explains how she does it, why it’s worth being bold and taking risks sharing example PR features along the way to inspire you to be brave

House Beautiful PR

36) download a weighty ‘PR Essentials’ guide that explains what PR is all about, why you need it, how to do it and get it right, things to avoid plus top tips from successful designers and magazine editors. Plus other useful resources and tools and a super helpful lesson on how Rachael does it

37) see why shopping is a necessary requirement in this wonderful surface pattern design profession

38) learn about Intellectual Property and where to go for help. We bring you an exclusive interview with intellectual property lawyer Kelly Hudson of ACID-accredited law firm McDaniel & Co who shares advice which is relevant wherever you are in the world

39) Create a room set mock-up in Adobe Photoshop in our bonus technical workshop video. Here you’ll learn how to apply your design work to room set photography. Through our professional editing tips you will understand how to create eye-catching mock-ups that will entice buyers and expand your portfolio

room set mock up1

40) download each course post to refer to time and time again in years to come

41) watch an exclusive interview with Kim Mannino, director of trend services at WGSN one of the leading trend forecasting companies in the world. Kim has been delivering and talking trends to clients for over 24 years and we’re thrilled she shares her insight and perspective with us.

42) take a brand questionnaire so that you can construct your brand look and feel and make sure you’re on the right track from the word ‘GO’!

43) learn in a safe, supportive and private on-line environment – have you watched our classroom tour video and seen where all the magic happens?

44) discover the real secret and most important ingredient to building a strong pattern design that attracts customers and commercial clients and embraces patterns that mean something out in the world

45) understand why your logo is the core element of your brand identity and therefore absolutely essential that it makes sense with your style of work. We share a fantastic logo development consultation between Rachael Taylor and a former student so you can see step by step of how this has been put into practice in the real world

46) have access to the classroom 24/7 so you can work at your own pace, join from any time zone around the world and fit it in around your busy life

47) work with an industry standard product template in Adobe Illustrator to understand how to set up your design files for manufacturing in one of our helpful technical workshop videos

48) build your confidence and be truly excited about your future as a successful surface pattern designer

49) gain a graduation certificate and shout about it from the rooftops across your blog, website, social networks or wherever

50) and last but certainly not least, you want to take an acclaimed course that’s well regarded in the surface pattern design industry!


We could go on but we’re sure you get the idea! Rachael has years of knowledge, tried and tested methods, skills, encouragement and ideas to share with you. All of which you can access when you join us for Module 2: Creating your professional identity.

Don’t forget…

…to check out our Module 2 brochure, full list of Bonus Technical Workshops, beautiful pattern gallery and testimonials from previous students.

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