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50 reasons - Module 3

Here's our 50 reasons why Module 3 is super awesome (especially if it's $$$ you're after!)


Here’s our 50 reasons why Module 3 is super awesome:

It’s because you want to….

1) get a detailed overview of all the different ways you can maximise your revenue potential for your existing work and see what opportunities are available for your future

2) be able to weigh up all the pros and cons of freelancing, manufacturing your own products, selling outright and licensing to figure out what’s right for you and your business

3) watch an exclusive interview with the fabulous Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost who’s an ABSPD graduate and a fantastic example of how you do not need to go to art school in order to flourish as a designer (watch a snippet of her video here)

4) learn how to freelance successfully, handle unpredictable situations and get an insight into what it means to be freelance

5) try your hand and gain valuable experience responding to a client brief thanks to our fun creative challenge

6) have the opportunity of getting your work published or licensed thanks to our live briefs from our wonderful contributors including the fabulous Uppercase magazine

Rachael Taylor's doodle wallRachael Taylor’s doodle wall

7) join a supportive community of like-minded creatives from around the world who will offer constructive criticism if you ask for it and plenty of encouragement when you need it (did you read how awesome our community really is on day 10 of this countdown ‘The power of a design community?‘)

8) download a super helpful guide to the basics of freelancing for a wealth of information on tried and tested ways to monetise your designs

9) understand what life as a freelancer is all about thanks to a two week diary kept by successful freelancer Ian Dutton – see how his weeks roll!

Two weeks in the life of...Ian DuttonTwo weeks in the life of…Ian Dutton

10) you want the nuts and bolts guide to selling your designs in a helpful downloadable guide

11) you want to become the master of ‘securing that deal! (never miss out on an opportunity again!)

12) get a weekly Q&A with Rachael Taylor – ask her anything, she’s happy to impart everything she knows, no question too big or small!

13) learn how to keep on track of how and where your designs are being used, what your best sellers are and identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio

14) access a fab guide to working with clients as a freelancer including looking at how much to charge, contracting and a handful of incredibly useful articles

15) keep your buyers or design manager in your client company hiring you again and again (if you go down the freelance route!)

16) tackle a series of advanced (and fun!) design challenges to help you grow as a designer, build your confidence, grow your portfolio and hone your style

17) you want all the juicy ins and outs of how to license and sell your designs – and make money doing what you love!

Rachael Taylor's 'contemporary orange' licensed by DENY DesignsRachael Taylor’s ‘contemporary orange’ licensed by DENY Designs

18) learn how to create layered repeats in Adobe Photoshop (for fabrics, wallpaper and any products printed on a roll) – super helpful stuff!

19) start working on building an amazing portfolio that truly sells ‘YOU’, your skills and designs and most importantly attracts your dream clients, design jobs or licensing contracts

20) you want to be inspired by the work of Rachael Taylor

21) download a tea towel template (it will be more useful than you think!)

22) access an 88 page pattern source book containing a summary of different pattern styles and an overview of the key formats for patterns

23) find out if getting an agent is a viable option for you – get first hand information about the pros and cons and how you go about getting one

Rachael Taylor promo postcard from Lilla Rogers StudioRachael Taylor promo postcard from Lilla Rogers’ Studio

24) have access to all the class material for 6 whole months so you can take the course at your own pace, refer back and get the most from it

25) shown how to set up a greetings card file (including adding foil and flitter finishes) and give you a helpful template for gift wrap, so you can try your hand at designing to industry standard

26) find out all there is to know about manufacturing your own products – a fantastic way to get your designs out into the world while maintaining creative control

27) save yourself time and effort by getting your hands on a sample licensing contract (now that would be useful wouldn’t it!) and find out how to manage your contracts

28) read two inspirational designer diaries from the highly talented in-house designer at Tigerprint, Amanda Wray

The wonderfully talented Amanda WrayThe wonderfully talented Amanda Wray

29) have the support from a helpful ‘how to’ guide explaining the pros and cons, things you should know, how to find suppliers, negotiating fair deals, sourcing responsibly, pricing and more on the subject of manufacturing your own products

30) stop running away from finances, accounts, budgets and anything monetary and instead face it head on and actually enjoy it! In Module 3 you’ll discover the world of sales, returns, mark-up, discounting, pro-formas and loads more (it’s really not as bad as it sounds!)

31) Watch an exclusive video interview with the colour powerhouse Khristian A. Howell (click on the below for a short snippet of her video!)

32) stay on top of your revenue and outgoings, your cash flow, and your stock levels so that you’re always super organised

33) get a taster into Rachael Taylor’s life as a dynamic and successful professional surface pattern designer

34) have a go at creating your own branded packaging labels and have an apron template and guidance notes so you can try designing your own for manufacture

35) read an exclusive interview with Milton & King who are pioneering a bold new era in wall coverings!

Milton & KingImage courtesy of Milton & King

36) identify different outlets where you can sell your products such as Etsy, Not on the High Street, Ebay, and a load more options and get handy top tips for selling on each platform

37) interested in building your own shop on your own website to save you losing precious profits going through third parties and how you go about it

38) jump into the wonderfully creative world of Jessica Swift and watch a fabulous interview with her (get a quick peek into her video here)

39) stay ahead of the game and be trend aware thanks to our generous 90 day’s WGSN full access gift (and don’t forget you can find out more on ‘The importance of trends‘)

90 days WGSN access90 days complimentary WGSN access

40) download each course post to refer to time and time again in years to come

41) delve into the technical world of screen and digital printing – stay with us here – this is the fun part watching your designs come alive in their physical form. It’s a pretty fascinating process, which Rachael documents in depth having manufactured her own products using both processes

42) shown how to build up your own contacts and get tips on how to research companies and find out ‘who is who’ plus get your hands on Rachael’s little black book of industry contacts!

43) get a good idea of what goes into making a trade show happen and how you can make the most of exhibiting at one (you’ll gain inside access to shows such as Top Drawer and British Craft Trade Fair read valuable interviews and a trade show diary from red hot design brand Surfacephilia) + a trade show planner!

read a trade show diary from red hot design brand SurfacephiliaRead a trade show diary from red hot design brand Surfacephilia

44) know how to capture a buyers’ attention when you’ve taken the plunge and are exhibiting at a show and look at logistics, restrictions and showing as part of a studio

45) get your hands on a drawing and using paintbrushes in Illustrator workshop

46) have access to the classroom 24/7 so you can work at your own pace and fit it around your busy life

47) get an overall view of the design industry and identify where you fit in

48) build your confidence and be truly excited about your future as a successful surface pattern designer

49) gain a graduation certificate and shout about it from the rooftops across your blog, website, social networks or wherever

50) and last but certainly not least, you want to take an acclaimed course that’s well regarded in the surface pattern design industry!


We could go on but we’re sure you get the idea. Rachael has years of knowledge, tried and tested methods, skills, encouragement and ideas to share with you. All of which you can access when you join us for Module 3.





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