6 creative know how’s to bagging freelance work and new clients

It’s FRIDAY and time for your FREE creative top tips and advice from Team Make it in Design.

This week Charlotte shares tips to bag your dream freelance client.

1. Be brave and reach out

Don’t be afraid to draw up a wish list of your dream clients/creatives you’d love to work for. Go for it – reach out and get in touch with them. You never know what opportunities can come your way from being brave and not being scared of rejection.

2. Stay in touch

You’ve been brave and sent out your portfolio to your dream list of clients. Haven’t heard back? Follow it up a week or so later. This illustrates your enthusiasm and motivation to work with them and that you value the opportunity and their business.

3. Promo your best asset – YOU!

As simple as it sounds word of mouth self-promotion can really work! If you are comfortable with social media, having the courage to tell other people what you are currently working on (even if it is one of our briefs or one you gave yourself) in a visually engaging but simple post is a great way to get freelance clients. You have nothing to lose but potentially a lot to gain from doing this! Top tip – utilise testimonials from previous clients too and get them out there for all to see!

4. Network!

Never say no to an opportunity to showcase your creative strengths. Seek out places to network online or in-person. Join a creative community like The Live Hub and research forums with like-minded peeps!

5. Work for family and friends

Again this is all about opportunities! You are just starting out and have no previous work to show people. This is a win win as it will give you a chance to have some AMAZING work to put in your portfolio and to showcase what you can do and help out friends and family!

6. Make your logo and portfolio the best it can be!

A well curated logo and portfolio is key to winning new clients. Don’t be afraid to share your portfolio within that design community you’ve just joined and on social media. Keep it fresh, add new projects to it regularly BUT don’t include every project you work on. Choose the most current and best examples that showcases your creative voice to the max!