Pattern course showcase part 4 – module 3 (Jan 2013 class)

    “The ABSPD e-courses are so packed with information, encouragement, and resources, that they truly have been life-changing for me. Although I have no design background and am still learning what “my style” truly is, I feel confident that if I continue on with the exercises and keep putting my work out there, I will find my place in the surface pattern design world. Thank you so much!” Mimi Todd

    Here is our final post of the beautiful work from our very talented Module 3 students of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)’who took the course in January 2013. Here are more of our fantastic students & the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class.

    “It has been pleasure to participate in all three modules. It has been a great learning experience but also a great place to meet fellow pattern fanatics to connect and share our daily struggles and help & motivate each other.” Laura Bieza

    ‘The ABSP course has been inspiring and life-changing. I’ve at last found confidence in my designing skills and rediscovered the joy of drawing and creating. I’d recommend it to anyone.’ Liz Minton

    “I think the best thing about this course is the communication between all the students. It’s really given me the confidence boost I needed to help push my designs and artwork forward, and has introduced me to some fantastic designers! For someone who hadn’t used Photoshop or Illustrator much, the workshops as well have been really informative and have really improved my computer design skills.” Louise Dewsnap

    “The most powerful element of the Module 3 course was the enormous number of possibilities that have opened up for me: there are so many ways to be a surface pattern designer, and now I am armed with all the information to find the best way forward for me personally. Through the course, I have developed as a designer by identifying my love of simple, elegant, floral/nature designs, and am initially focusing on creating a stationery range.” Sue Brown – SusieBDesigns

    “The course has been very empowering along with all the valuable information shared. I now feel that I’m up to date with the industry and in a position to move my business to the next stage!” Lesley Todd

    “I wish I had discovered this course years ago, as it has opened my eyes to so much. It has taught me to believe in my potential, not to be frightened of giving it a go, and made me realise that there are so many possibilities and options out there in the world of pattern and design!” Esme Sharples

    “When I started this course I was very unclear where my creative carrer was heading. Now at the end, I’m starting my own t- shirt business. I have learnt so much from this course and would recommend anyone to give it a go, there is so much you can take from it. What makes the course so unique is that all the information comes from the perspective of some successfully in the business. Worth every penny!” Drew Lane

    “Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and all the opportunities you’ve given us. I feel much more confident and prepared to put into action what I’ve learnt and it’ll certainly help me to achieve my dreams and turn it into reality. This is a life-changing course! I’m so grateful I met you and I had the opportunity to be inspired and supported by a great and united community.” Evelyn Cassoli

    “I’m someone who hasn’t taken any formal design studies but I’m really keen to strike out in a new direction and ‘do what I love for life’. So, for me, the course not only provided all the information and knowledge I need to embark on my new venture but also gave me the confidence to believe in myself.” Carole Seawert

    “I’ve found this course to be brilliant on many levels. It has assisted me enormously in improving my overall pattern design skills and concepts, taught me how to structure, plan and build a portfolio of pattern design collections, and helped me to view and approach my business on a far more professional basis.” Mariana Musa

    “What I loved most about the course was that Rachael gave us permission to be creative and not feel guilty about indulging in doodle heaven! She also strengthened my belief that anything is possible with enough determination and self belief.” Lisa Deighan

    “This design led course provides stimulating challenges in a wonderful supportive group environment, pushing individual boundaries”. Lisa Todd

    “I have completed all three modules of the ABSPD course and have found it invaluable. Not only has it allowed me to reconnect with my creative side but it has made it realistic on how to turn this into a business. I connected strongly with the business side of the course as it gave me a purpose. Never had I considered using my creativity and turning it into a venture….until now.” Mel Pope


    If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)’ we are thrilled to announce we are running a new series with module 1, module 2 and module 3 (starting on April 29th 2013)

    We also have Module 3 ‘Monetising Your Designs‘ starting on April 29th, 2013.

  • Pattern course showcase part 3 – module 3 (Jan 2013 class)

    “For me the most powerful element of the course has been finding my own style, and having the confidence to explore it and put it to good use. I’m now full of ideas I can’t wait to get started on, and feel very excited about future possibilities.” Jessica Wilde We are really pleased to showcase […]

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