Pattern course showcase part 4 – Module 3 (April 2013 class)

We are really pleased to showcase part 3 of the beautiful work from our very talented Module 3 students of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course) who took the course in April 2013. Here are more of our fantastic students & the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class. Click here to view part 1, part 2 and part 3

Deb Dewhirst - Tiffany Twisted 1 550px“The course provides valuable industry knowledge, along with a great deal of encouragement and inspiration. It’s really given me the confidence and insight I needed to develop and grow as a designer.” Deb Dewhirst

Lisa Edoff - Peacock & Figs_lo-res“The course has encouraged and inspired me to pursue new goals within the surface design business, and I’ve learned some very valuable technical skills. I’ve also really enjoyed the community on Facebook where me and my fellow students have shared designs and helped each other with tips and feedback” Lisa Edoff

“I must say this course has been way above my expectations! I can create great pattern just out of doodles, which is just how I want to work. Thanks alot!” Susanna Öst


“The course provided me with a vast amount of detailed info how to organize and do my surface pattern design business, this has empowered me and given me a lot of confidence to go live my dream!” Ine Beerten


Liz Ablashi

 Vickie Price Makeitindesign_Hawiian GirlHR

“This course has seamlessly led me through the mine field of re-establishing myself as an artist following 5 years at home, focusing on our children. The incredible creative content, coupled with sound and thorough business direction has made this one of my most fulfilling years to date!” Victoria Price for Ameo Designs


If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course’, we are thrilled to announce we are running module 2 (starting on November 11 2013) and also module 3 (starting on November 11 2013). We also have the full series available (module 1, 2 & 3) starting in March 2014. Registration for all classes is open here

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