Pattern design showcase part 4 – Module 1 (March 2014 class)


We are really pleased to showcase the beautiful work from our very talented Module 1 students of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ who took the course in March 2014. Today is Part 4 of our 9 part series of some our fantastic students & the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class.


“For a novice in the world of surface pattern design, this course provides you all the information, motivation, challenge and support of fellow students to develop yourself through your first steps as a designer – It was fabulous!” – Mandy van den Busken



“Module 1inspired me to see pattern and colour in the world around me and gave me the skills to translate those inspirations into my own pattern designs. Thanks so much for the fabulous class!” – Marci Jacobson


34.Linda Demaagd Nelson - Floral Serenity

“This course was a revelation to the way I observe my environment. It awakened my senses—in that pattern embodies the most fundamental elements of life on a physical and spiritual level. We all have within us, the opportunity to express our creativity. Sketch! Doodle! Dream!” – Linda Demaagd Nelson


35.Grace Felizardo-Celebration Scarf

“I found the exercises very valuable in helping me find my style and improve my design skills. It has been so freeing and inspiring to experiment, make my marks and just enjoy the creative process.” – Grace Felizardo



“The most powerful element of the course for me has been starting to draw. I try to find something unique in my style rather than feeling ashamed of my drawing skills, as I did before the course. I have grown much more confident thanks to this course!” – Sofie Jakobsson



“The most impressive part of the course so far is how the seemingly, simple steps we have been taken through have really added up – I never thought
I’d get the hang of repeats especially with my textural styles but I have grown so much in confidence that now I KNOW I can!” – Whitney-Anne Baker



“I think the most powerful aspect of this course was the other members.
I would not have known or met the other members on this course, who range from professional illustrators and/or designers to complete newbies in all mediums.
Everyone joined in helping each other… some knew the technological side, others painting techniques, a few helped with design layouts and obviously, Rachael and colleagues helped guide people into creating their first design collections – something they didn’t think they could do at the start of the course.” – Lenny Carter


39.Naireen Ammar-Rock.a.Rock

“Module 1 has been great fun and informative! The idea of blending my design abilities with the power of Adobe Software had been challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I love the fact that Rachael introduces us designers from all over the world, having different style and approach towards their work. It’s really inspiring!” – Naireen Ammar


40.Pippin Schupbach-Fan Flowers

“Module 1 released my creative energy, and made me realize there are unlimited creative possibilities in surface pattern design world. Beth and Rachel encourage their students to push their creative/artistic comfort level, and experiment with various design elements. The results were remarkable.” – Pippin Schupbach


41.Cecilia Ferraro - plage s'il vous plaît

“I’m so happy to had the opportunity to be part of this inspiring course and super supportive group. What I learnt? Be bold, passionate and just go for it! To embrace my own style and have fun!” – Cecilia Ferraro


If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’, we are thrilled to announce we are starting a lovely new series of classes starting October 2014 with module 1. We are also running another module 2 class too! Registration for all classes is open here.

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