Pattern design showcase part 6 – Module 1 (March 2014 class)

We are really pleased to showcase the beautiful work from our very talented Module 1 students of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ who took the course in March 2014. Today is Part 6 of our 9 part series of some our fantastic students & the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class.

56. Rachel Mense Vintage Oriental Kitchen
Module 1 has been fantastic; it laid the foundations for experimentation and put the ‘play’ back into design. The other very powerful element of the course is the support, from Rachael, and fellow designers in our Facebook group who have all been amazingly generous and encouraging from the beginning and beyond! – Rachel Mense

51.Nicola Collins Orange Floral
‘Thanks for inspiring me” – Nicky Martin


52. Suzie Cumming London Eye Brights
“This course has been invaluable for me, it has re-connected me to the powerful medium of drawing and mark making and given me the freedom to create again. It has also introduced me to so many wonderful like minded individuals who are all interested in surface pattern and who have all given their precious time and energy to support and share knowledge amongst us all. I have recommended the course already! Thank you very much for creating such a fantastic course and I am looking forward to the next module. Congratulations to Rachael, very exciting times ahead!” – Suzie Cumming


53.Suzanne Jenkinson - Stocks & Freesias
“The ABSPD Module 1 course has pushed me to experiment with a variety of drawing and mark making techniques and has helped me to understand which techniques and drawing materials I enjoy working with. Because of this I have been able to create designs from initial drawings that represent me and move closer to identifying my own signature style.” – Suzanne Jenkinson


“The most important thing this course brought me is to make my designs more ‘alive’ by learning how to play with colors, backgrounds and textures” – Elise Chevry


55.Sue-Schreiber, Katz Art Designs -'Sheepishly'
“Doing this course has shown me a different way of looking at everyday marks, textures and doodles” – Sue Schreiber


57. Katie Metcalf - Three Petal Flowers
“The content of this course is so strong and clearly created to help us (the students) grow and succeed as surface pattern designers. The most powerful part of it all for me was the support and encouragement from both the instructors and my fellow classmates.” – Katie Metcalf


58. Liz Barringer-Flowers & Bugs
“This class was so much more than just design. I have learned where to go for inspiration, how to develop ideas, and of course a lot of great technical information. Most of all I loved the wonderful support and feedback from students all over the world!” – Elisabeth Barringer


59. Rebecca Brady - Passion

 “Module 1 of ABSPD is an essential beginning to all emerging surface designers. I have learnt so much and am so excited to continue learning, discovering and pushing the creative boundaries of pattern. THANK YOU!” – Rebecca Brady


60. hoola aqua-blue and gold raindrops
“The most powerful element I got out of this course was experimentation. Not be afraid of trying new things- painting, drawing, playing with textures using a variety of mediums and exploring colours. I loved how this course has got me thinking about patterns in a whole new light! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am looking forward to Module 2. Lots to do before then!” – Ashlee Farrell



If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’, we are thrilled to announce we are starting a lovely new series of classes starting October 2014 with module 1. We are also running another module 2 class too! Registration for all classes is open here.

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