Quote of the Day

It’s always nice to read an inspiring or uplifting quote that brightens up our day, especially if it’s beautifully designed. Here on the blog, we like to feature quotes that give you that push to go the extra mile, or fill you with confidence to achieve great things.

Today’s ‘Quote of the Day’ is:


This fab quote has been designed by Aisling Griffin of  Treetop Studio

When you first learn to ride a bike, or maybe drive a car, it seems like the hardest thing to do and you never think you’ll get it. Then one day it clicks! It then seems like the most natural thing in the world to do.  Right now, think about the things you want to achieve in the same way… they may seem hard right now but are totally achievable. With designing, that means having a direction you want to go in, getting the tools or resources to help you and then practicing – in order to break through those self-limiting beliefs!


Do you like a quote as much as we do? If you’d like to design a quote, or have an inspiring quote you’d like to share with us, please send your image saved at 550 pixels wide, along with your name and website – if you have one to: submissions@makeitindesign.com with Quote of the Day in the title of your email.

ABSPD_logoWant to learn how to design quotes with great typography? Sign up for one of our classes in ‘The Art and Business of SurfacePattern Design’ – In Module 2 we go into details about typography and how you can create beautiful personalised typography to use in your own work or branding. Also keep an eye out for Issue 7 of MOYO Magazine, which will feature  lots of great stories about typography to inspire you!

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