Pattern design showcase part 8 – Module 1 (March 2014 class)

We are really pleased to showcase the beautiful work from our very talented Module 1 students of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ who took the course in March 2014. Today is Part 8 of our 9 part series of some our fantastic students & the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class.

72. Stephanie Csonka-Flowers & Leaves

“This course gave me a wonderful new view of where to start patterns from.  It gave me courage to put pen to paper as a starting point for patterns and I don’t fear looking at a blank page any more. I can’t wait to start Module 2 in the fall.” – Stephanie Csonka


73. Lucy Keefe - Lolly Leaves

“Totally new and naive to the world of surface pattern design, the first moment of clarity was the simple task of seeking inspiration from everywhere and anything. The second was sketching, just simply putting pen to paper, the craziest doodles can turn into the most beautiful results, who knew?!?” – Lucy Keefe


74. Sara Brezzi - Happy Flowers

“The   ABSPD mod. 1 was really important to me, because it gave me the skills and the knowledge to start with my own career in the surface pattern design business. A very important aspect of this e- course, was to have become the part of a great community of people worldwide, with the same passion, which is helping with all sorts of precious advice.” – Sara Brezzi


75. Emma Douglas - Forest Berry

“I have been totally inspired by this course, especially the community side of it which was unexpected! So much talent and love for pattern and design!” – Emma Douglas


76. Megan Carroll-Modern Burst

“The most powerful take home message for me as a designer was discovering that it is not all about repeats. Letting go of that opened up my perception and has allowed me to think outside the box.” – Megan Carroll


77. Sarah Price - Cherry Blossom Spring

“The most powerful element of the course is the thought involved in the planning.  The way we were guided through tasks that were both challenging and yet accessible to create not only beautiful patterns but collections of beautiful patterns.  I love the support from the group and feel I have grown so much in ability (both technical and artistic) and in confidence during this course.”  – Sarah Price


78. Isabelle Deakin - Flower Dance

“Module one of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design showed me I could use the creative processes of drawing and printmaking again, creating lovely designs without using a computer has given my designs a new look.” – Isabelle Deakin


79. Kimberley Wilson - Psychedelic Raindrops

“The most powerful element I have taken from this course is “there are no mistakes” when it comes to surface pattern; it’s totally OK to be me and develop my own style in the mediums I love” – Kimberley-Jayne Wilson


80. Fiona Cowell - Bugs Galore

“The course has been great for gaining an understanding of the format and presentation of the work expected by potential buyers and has enabled me to refine my designs for presentation to the market.” – Fiona Cowell


81. Annie Gould - Woodland

“I’m so glad that I found this course, it has awakened my joy for creativity and designing. It has been inspiring, challenging and rewarding, especially with designing on a computer which is completely new to me. I’ve adored this course and I’m excited about where it will lead.” – Annie Gould


82. Biral Unjia - Sunny Rainbows

“This course has opened up a whole new world of sketching, patterns and color with a group of amazing people.” – Biral Unjia


If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’, our classes start October 27 with module 1. We are also running another module 2 class too! Registration for all classes is open here – There’s still time to join!

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