Pattern design showcase part 1 – Module 1 (October 2014 class)

We are really pleased to introduce part 1 of our 4-part showcase of the beautiful work from our very talented Module 1 students of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design who took the course in October 2014. Here are some of our fantastic students & the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class.


“This course was fantastic! For me, the most powerful element of the first module was exploring different ways to develop motifs by using various artistic media and new ways of looking at objects. I am definitely going to incorporate those recently acquired skills into my future work” – Magdalena Bardzinska-Frank | Website

1.Roberta Warshaw-pods

“After so many years as a textbook designer, it was enlightening to experience another side of the design world. This class has really opened my eyes as far as seeing patterns in everything including even the most mundane things such as letterforms and manhole covers!” – Roberta Warshaw | Website


“The best part of this course has been learning to ‘loosen up’ and finding inspiration in unusual places” – Hannah Catchlove | Website


“The most powerful element of the course for me was opening my mind and learning to diversify myself as a designer. For such a long time I was focused on designing prints solely for fashion and wallpaper. The course taught me how to give my patterns some depth and to embrace my design style. I am excited for the future, following my dreams. Thank you Rachael and Beth, I look forward to Module 2” – Beth Travers | Website


“For the past 8 years I have been working as a freelance designer, but basically artworking other people’s ideas. Pattern design has been in the back of my mind for a very long time and I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for Module 1 of ABSPD. I knew most of the technical stuff in Illustrator already, but the assignments and the supportive community have given me a real kick start to what I hope to one day be my future path. It has given me so much food for thought and I have produced so much in such a short space of time! I can’t believe I already have a few mini collections! It’s just what I needed to get me going!” – Julie Anson


“Module 1 has been an amazing experience. I´ve regained the confidence I once had in my art and now have a clearer understanding of what it takes to become a surface pattern designer. I look forward to continuing my design journey in Module 2” Zara Martina | Website

6.Cathrin Gressieker-Textured Flowers

“I especially loved how the course encouraged us to trust our own hands and make lots of sketches which could later be used for digital designing. This playful element really made designing playful and loose” – Cathrin Gressieker | Website


“This course has allowed me to focus on an area of design I have always been passionate about. The course is perfect for fine tuning your style as a designer within a supportive environment” – Tamzen Brewster


“I really enjoyed all aspects of Module 1. The creative exercises brought a new freedom and variety to my creative process, the insights from established designers were inspiring and the encouragement from the Facebook group was awesome” – Karen Burton | Website


“For me, the most powerful element of Module 1 of ABSPD was the bonus technical workshops, with so many helpful tips geared specifically toward surface pattern design. The course helped me develop as a designer by giving me the building blocks to begin designing surface patterns. Thank you again for this wonderful experience!  I can’t wait for Module 2 to begin!” – Michelle Goggins | Website


“I think the most powerful thing for me on the course was to learn some basic concepts like mark making, the use of different layers, and textures in a design. The other really important thing for me was the motivation and encouragement to sketch and hand draw” – Carolina Abarca | Website



The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design is the definitive guide to becoming a surface pattern design professional.If you have ever dreamt of seeing your designs on stationery, homewares, fabric or other products, this series of interactive online courses is for you! Thriving surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor will guide you along this exciting path from developing your signature style, to putting a collection together, and from protecting your work to monetising your designs. With a rich combination of design inspiration, practical advice, demonstrations, creative exercises, resources and interviews with leading industry practitioners, this is the go-to guide for anyone wanting to develop their design skills and break into the industry. Our next classes begin January 12, 2015 – we hope to be able to welcome you to class!

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