ABSPD Graduate Fizah Malik


We love to hear about the successes of our ABSPD students and were thrilled to hear the latest news from Fizah Malik who was recently contacted by Flying Vinyl to design a record sleeve. Find out more below!


“My love for colours and drawing started at a very young age and I ended up with a Masters degree in Textile design. I have been working as a freelancer for almost 6 years now and love the freedom of working from my small studio. I have worked with many Australian brands over the years and felt like it was time to move forward and work on my signature style and get my name out there so i signed up for ABSPD Module 2 initially and was blown away by this amazing jam-packed course and went on to do Module 3 and The Ultimate Portfolio Builder( which is currently running).

During Module 2, we were encouraged to have social media presence and work on our portfolio websites. I started working on my website and launched it during Module 3. I also made social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. I came across an interesting challenge on Instagram called #The100DayProject in which artists post a new piece of painting, pattern or a sketch everyday for consecutive 100days. I thought ill give it a go and it not only gave me an opportunity to challenge myself but also got me paid work and a good following.
I was recently contacted by a UK based company Flying Vinyl, who spotted me on Instagram, to design a pattern for a record sleeve. It was such a fun brief and i loved designing the pattern.
After posting the pic from the photoshoot of Flying vinyl on Instagram, I was immediately contacted by an upcoming studio called Collective 12, which is a collaboration of 12 different artists from around the world and will feature their own unique work while working under one platform. They were looking for the 12th and final artist and offered me the spot. I loved the project and so got on board. The project is due to launch in August and i am really excited about the next stage and the future ventures”.
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