Pattern design showcase part 3 – Module 3 (April 2015 class)

Today we bring you part 3 of our 4-part showcase of the gorgeous work from our talented Module 3 students of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design who took the course in April 2015. Here are some of our talented students and the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class.

“The most powerful element of the course for me has been understanding the many ways in which a design business can work.  I love to draw and design patterns, but I’ve realised that running a business and being able to promote your work in the right ways are just as important if you want to be successful.  I now have a much better understanding of how to design and create collections and I really feel that I have taken some big steps forward in this area”.

– Pippa Shaw | Website

“My favourite part of Module 3 was experimenting with different textures in workshops and being encouraged to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Applying my patterns to products helped me think beyond the initial design stage and about how they would actually work in the real world”

Madeline Ritchie| Website

“This course has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zones and make myself trust my judgements and my ability, it has made me surprise myself! My work has taken on a whole new life, and I feel refreshed and motivated to get my work out in to the world.”– Hollie McManus | Website

The most powerful element of the course has been… all of it! I feel like I have found my place in the art and design world”. –

Catherine Charnock | Website



‘Module 3 has taught me the essentials of running a design business in different ways. I am running my own consulting and web design business I knew some of the business chores like accounting, legal framework, taxman duties etc, yet I have learned a ton of useful facts and hints and I am ever so grateful for the industry specific insights, the WGSN platform access and the contact book covering so many different markets. All in all Module 3 was an eye opener as to how diverse this industry is and that there is really a place for many different styles. This made me confident to believe in myself and move on in my own way and speed. Thank you for making the course so valuable and fun.’

– Andrea Leupold| Website



“The most powerful element of this course is access to an incredible wealth of trend information and the amazing and supportive community”.

– Traci Pichette| Etsy


“The most powerful element of Mod3 for me is how it gave me “permission” to use my loose sketches and doodles in my finished work, giving it a looseness and freedom it was lacking previously and making it so much more fun to create”.

– Jennifer L.Wambach | Website


“This module gave me all I need to be able to work in the surface pattern industry”.

– Jane Kirkpatrick | Website



“The most valuable part of this course has been the practical business-side details all aspects of pattern design.”

– Ellen Morse | Website|


“For me the most useful part of Module 3 was to learn all about how to get my designs ‘out there’ – selling, licensing and manufacturing were all a mystery to me until now! Armed with this new asset I feel more confident in taking the plunge with my career. Learning about the practicalities of running my own studio has been invaluable and the interviews with leading industry designers has kept me inspired – so, altogether, the course has been priceless!”

– Catherine Cross | Website





The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design is the definitive guide to becoming a surface pattern design professional.If you have ever dreamt of seeing your designs on stationery, homewares, fabric or other products, this series of interactive online courses is for you! Thriving surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor will guide you along this exciting path from developing your signature style, to putting a collection together, and from protecting your work to monetising your designs. With a rich combination of design inspiration, practical advice, demonstrations, creative exercises, resources and interviews with leading industry practitioners, this is the go-to guide for anyone wanting to develop their design skills and break into the industry. Our next classes begin September 21, 2015 – we hope to be able to welcome you to class!

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