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The Ultimate Portfolio Builder 
is an advanced seven-week online professional surface pattern design course, consisting of an intense five-week class followed by two weeks of design reviews.

This powerful course will give you all the tools and advice you need to grow your body of commercially viable work, refine and strengthen your professional design portfolio and give you the fast-track to trade show success.

Brought to you in association with Printsource, one of the top surface and textile design shows in the world, this course will provide you with exclusive insight to help you secure the right buyers for your work, deal effectively with clients, get trade show ready and discover the secrets to landing your dream work.

As part of this advanced course one lucky person on the course will win a free booth at Printsource New York, August 2016 and $1,000 towards the cost of travel to the show

Our most recent class of The Ultimate Portfolio Builder had an incredible four-part creative brief from Printsource designed to help them attract the clients they dream of working with.

Today we are delighted to bring you the Top Ten shortlist of entries as selected by Rachael Taylor, Printsource producer Massimo Iacoboni and the Make it in Design Team. The standard of ALL entries was extremely high and it was an enjoyable challenge for the panel to select the following designers.


annebollman_img11672copyAnne Bollman | USA | Website

bethschenider1_bethschneiderinteriorscrateandbarrel1Beth Schneider | USA | Website

catherineworsley_catherineworsleyinteriorsanthropologie2 catherineworsley_catherineworsleyinteriorsanthropologie1Catherine Worsley | UK | Website

Printsource2designlayout EthnicdreamlayoutFizah Malik | Australia | Website




Liesel Beukes | Germany | Website

oliviahenry_oliviahenryhomewaresanthropologie1 oliviahenry_oliviahenryhomewaresanthropologie2Olivia Henry | Australia | Website



Rositsa Karagyozova | Bulgaria |


suedeighton_suedeightonhomewaremarimekko2Sue Deighton | UK | Website



Victoria McTavish | UK |Website


victoriaprice_victoriapriceadultinteriorsheals2Vickie Price | UK | Website

We are so impressed with all the entries and a HUGE congratulations to our top ten – we will announce the final winner Monday September 28.

In the meantime please do take the opportunity to find out more about each of the designers at the links above.

Like what you see and inspired to try yourself? Our new round of classes which include Module 1: Designing your wayModule 3: Monetising Your Designs and The Ultimate Portfolio Builder began Monday September 21.  However don’t worry there is still time to register to get in on the fun and join one of the most encouraging and supportive communities in the world!

Would you love to learn everything you need to know to turn basic sketches into elements for pattern design. Find out more about colour and pattern, how to create mood boards and how to create repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Find out how to sell and license your designs (what they don’t teach you at art school) and the ins and outs of freelancing as well as manufacturing your own product. Want to find out how to market your work, get press & protect your work online? Grow your body of commercially viable work, refine and strengthen your professional design portfolio and give you the fast-track to trade show success.Then register now for our next round of classes beginning today! (Registration closes Thursday 24th September). You can find out more here.









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