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To tie in with the #100daysofpattern project, we are absolutely thrilled to bring you a whole host of alumni success stories over the next 100 days.

Here we’ve invited our students over the last four years to share some of their designs created on our Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course, and their stories of what they’ve been up to since they completed our course and where they are now. For all those wanting to know how our courses really make a difference to your career – this is the series to watch.

Today we are delighted to share with you the success of Kelly Angelovic – a designer who runs her own creative studio in Colorado.


When did your interest in design first start and how did that come about?

I was always interested, though it took awhile for me to honour my creative call. Five years after earning my degree in marketing, I finally went back to school for graphic design. I haven’t looked back.


What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer?

Perseverance, tenacity, and (most importantly) JOY!! This isn’t an easy path, but there is nothing that lights me up more than being an artist. I try to get still and quiet on an (almost) daily basis, so that I can hear what my heart is telling me–and then I do my best to act on that intuition. In high school and college (my first go-around), I didn’t take a single art class (???) so I consider the online classes I’ve taken (including the ABSPD modules) my art education catch up. And I put myself out there, as often as I can. Rejections hurt–but not nearly as much as playing it small and safe.




How would you describe your style?

Bright, whimsical, and energetic.




What kind of designer do you want to be known as?

Someone who is easy and fun to work with, and who is always evolving. Trying new things (getting outside, like really outside, my comfort zone) is the best way to maintain a sense of wonder and magic, which I believe is the key to creating fresh and exciting new work.




What are you working on currently?

One of the things I love about what I do is that everyday is a new adventure. I recently finished a holiday card with Papyrus Greetings, while working simultaneously on a book cover design for a local author. Last month, JoAnn Fabric started selling a new pattern of mine. This morning, I worked on a holiday themed giveaway with my art tribe, Kindred Art Collective, and I’m hashing out the details with a new client on a candle packaging design.



What advice would you give emerging designers wanting to build their portfolios?

Follow your joy. Do what lights you up–it will shine through. Believe that what you do, as an artist is important. The world can be a dark and scary place. We desperately need more light, more beauty. We need your joy. And never stop believing in magic!


What would be your dream design gig?

Oooh, there are so many! Dream design gig… a set of dishes for Anthropologie! Or a fantastical picture book. Or handlettering the cover of a magazine.



Looking ahead what are your major goals for the next couple of years?

My daugher was born 4 and a half years ago, and my son will be 2 in a couple of weeks. I have been taking my time, building my career slowly, so that I can spend a lot of time with my little ones. As they become more independent, I look forward to having more time to really focus on growing my business.



If you were a pattern what kind of a pattern would you be and why?

I would be bright and fun. Fantastical. I don’t think I would be a technical repeat–something more spontaneous. Something to remind us all not to take life quite so seriously.


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