Our Sketch Doodle Draw experience in New York


Last week we hosted our second Sketch Doodle Draw event at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, New York – and what a fantastic afternoon it was too!

The sun was shining, the atmosphere was calm and we all enjoyed the faint harmonious sound of a couple singing from underneath the terrace which drifted to us on a (very) warm breeze.

A group of creatives gathered from 1pm on a shaded grassy area to the right of the Bethesda Fountain and we chatted, laughed, sketched, doodled and drew the afternoon away! What bliss!

Sketch Doodle Draw 1

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us throughout the three hours. It was so lovely to meet all of you.

A big thank you to those who took a day off work and who took time out of their holiday too. We still can’t believe had had people from Australia, Dubai and the UK join us as well as native New Yorkers!

Sketch Doodle Draw 2

We feel truly blessed you came to Sketch Doodle and Draw with us. We loved getting to know you and appreciated you letting us take photos!

Sketch Doodle Draw 5

Here’s some pattern inspiration we found at the Terrace too…

Pattern 2 Patterns 1

Sketch Doodle Draw #3

Sketch Doodle Draw is a free, informal, meet, greet and sketch with Rachael Taylor event designed to:

  • give you an opportunity to meet and chat with Rachael and watch her at work
  • help you loosen up, experiment and be spontaneous as Rachael always encourages this way of working. She strongly believes there are no mistakes – so let go and just have fun
  • show you how to look for patterns in your surroundings where you’re guaranteed to see everyday things in a more beautiful way
  • bring creativity to the community and show how drawing, sketching and doodling can be a useful way to de-stress in our everyday hectic lives and be enjoyable for all the family too
  • give you a chance to get your work featured on the Make it in Design site and network with like-minded creatives!

Our next location will be a cool European city in late September / early October 2016, so make sure you register your details to hear when future locations and dates are confirmed!




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