Esther Shavon : Reflections on being a surface designer

We had the pleasure in meeting the gorgeous The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design alumni Esther Shavon of E’Flomae last month who was exhibiting for the first time at Printsource New York.

Esther ShavonL-R: Esther Shavon and Rachael Taylor at Printsource New York, August 2016

Esther is a vibrant woman with a colourful portfolio and today she kindly shares her thoughts about taking Module 1: Designing your way from The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design and on being a surface pattern designer.

Esther Shavon portfolioEsther’s colourful work. See more on her website!

Esther’s reflections on being a surface designer…

“Why a career in surface pattern design? Colour, pattern and
 shapes are all around us. From fun and playful to fiercely bold, pattern design is inspired one way or another by life’s experiences.


“For me, a career in surface pattern design allows me to capture and communicate the beauty within life’s shared memories and experiences through intricate
visual expressions.

“Engaging in surface design not only allows me to partake in a multi-step creative process that brings personal joy, but also the satisfaction of sharing my creative vision with others via both functional and aesthetic channels.”


Esther on Module 1: Designing your way

The art and business of surface pattern design modular series offers a unique model to not only learn and practice the needed technical skills, but also offers the flexibility within an online learning environment from an experienced surface designer.

The creative exercises are priceless! The sessions are very personable and creates a supportive learning environment. The weekly lessons are thoughtful and encourage playful strategies that lead you to explore and engage your creativity and personal style. Also, the exclusive interviews are really insightful and gives sneak peaks into some daily challenges and experiences of a surface designer.”


Meet Esther Shavon

Intrigued by the myriad of shapes and patterns organically made
 within the natural environment, Esther Shavon became engrossed in macro photography and mixed media including drawing, watercolour and digital painting.

After years of experimentation, playing with various mediums
 and techniques, she emerged with her distinct design style of bold organic elements with a modern twist.


In 2015, Esther Shavon founded E’ FLOMAE: CONTEMPORARY DESIGNS FOR MODERN LIVING and recently debuted at Printsource New York – a premiere trade show for textile and surface design in August 2016. She provides for commissions, direct purchase, and licensing of original art work and designs.

Connect with Esther: Website  |  email  |  Instagram  |  Facebook  | LinkedIn

PS: Be on the lookout for E’FLOMAE’S 2017 tradeshow list coming out soon!


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