P&P Scholarship Winner Interview: Bianca Pozzi



We recently launched the 2017 Make it in Design Scholarship in association with Print & Pattern. Last year we were thrilled to receive some amazing entries from applicants in 27 different countries around the world and had a wonderful time reviewing all of the applications.

Entries are shortlisted by ABSPD co-founders Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton, with final judging by Marie Perkins at the Print & Pattern blog.

The lucky winners of the 2016 scholarship each received a free place on Modules 1-3 of The Art & Business of Surface Design and The Ultimate Portfolio Builder

Plus 90 days free access to leading trend forecasting site WGSN and opportunities to feature on the Print & Pattern blogMOYO magazine, and the Make it in Design website.

In the run up to the 2017 scholarship we wanted to showcase our very talented scholarship winners from 2016 and so today we bring you an interview with Bianca Pozzi who was selected by MIID Co-founder Beth Kempton.



  • When did your interest in design first start and how did that come about?

I had a pastry shop for about 6 years, and one day, back in 2010, I had to close the business. I realized I wanted to study again, and I went to university to study fashion design. It was a 4 year course, which was really helpful to me as I could understand and learn about design and creative process, and I loved it. That’s also when I realized I love to paint and draw.


  • What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer?

When I was studying fashion design I started to learn about surface design and I read every book and took every workshop I could about that. I worked as an intern for a woman’s apparel fabric and it was a wonderful opportunity as I was responsible for developing patterns for all the fabric the company used to make their clothing lines. After that I worked at a surface design studio, where I could create patterns mostly for major fashion brands from Brazil and it was a great experience too. While doing all of that, I started getting freelance work from clients that were seeing my work online and then I realized I should try being a full time freelancer and it’s been a year now. A few months ago I also signed with Cinnamon Joe Studio, from the UK, and it’s being an amazing opportunity to grow and show my work to clients around the world as well.


  • How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as fun, delicate, a bit quirky, happy and hand painted.


  • What kind of designer do you want to be known as?

I would like to be known as a professional, easy to work with, creative designer with a strong and recognizable style.


  • What are you working on currently?

I just finished some client work for some packaging for a pastry shop and also bedding. I’m working on a scrapbook collection for a client and I’m starting a personal project for an advent calendar. In between that, I’m constantly building my portfolio with the agency that represents me.


  • What advice would you give emerging designers wanting to build their portfolios?

I would say find subjects that really inspire you and speaks to your soul, and work on that. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to make things you won’t like, because that’s how we grow and get to know who we are as artists. Do some courses, I did a lot of online courses and the community around them is amazing and I can’t even tell how much I learnt from them. And keep going , slow and steady. As the say, the difference between a professional and an amateur is persistence.


  • What would be your dream design gig?

I would love to create bedding and wall art collections for kids.


  • Looking ahead what are your major goals for the next couple of years?

I’d love to have some steady licensing contracts, keep growing as an artist, maybe develop my own stationery line and I would love to illustrate children’s books too.


  • If you were a pattern what kind of a pattern would you be and why?

I would be a delicate pattern, painted with neutral, soft colors a with woodland animals having fun in a magic forest. That’s the mix of who I am and where I’d love to live!


  • How did you find out about the P&P scholarship?

I found about it online, on the website, as I’ve been following Make it in Design for a while.



  • Please tell us about your experience of the e-courses taken as a result of winning the scholarship.

The first thing that came to my mind is how detailed and full of information the courses are. They are very well structured, so we learn about every aspect of the surface design industry. Doesn’t matter if you’re a experienced designer or a beginner, there’s so much to learn. Rachael shares so much that it looks like we’re talking with her, or reading her diary. We learn even about the “boring” part of the business, like invoices, contracts, how to promote ourselves and protect our work. It was extremely helpful to me. And of course, there’s the fun part, we’re we join an amazing community, get motivation to create , experiment and grow our style.


  • What advice would you give to designers thinking of applying for this years scholarship?

I would say go for it! I had no idea if someone would like my submission. Try to submit something that you love and was made from your heart, don’t ever try to be someone else and everything will be fine.


  • What was the most important lesson you took away from the e-course?

To be patient and persistent, Rachael always tells that some things – usually the best ones- takes time, I’m understanding that now.


  • What difference did it make to have a supportive community of fellow students and how important do you think that will be going forward?

The community is invaluable. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there will be people having the same struggles, questions and fears and to be able to share it is just amazing. We support each other and learn a lot too. I would say that the community of artists that are created from the course are just amazing as the course itself, it’s a major bonus J


profileI’m 35, born and living in Brazil. I’ve graduated in fashion design and while studying I discovered my passion for illustration and surface design. I interned as a surface designer for some companies and studios while doing college, and then decided to run my own business. I’m about to complete one year as a full time illustrator/surface designer.



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