Royalty-free room sets + product photography to create stunning mock-ups


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In The Ultimate Portfolio Builder you will have access to exclusively styled room set images from Holly Booth Photography that are ready-made for you to render your designs on. Create realistic, styled room situations with your very own patterns and use them to professionally display your ideas.

Here’s how you’ll download them…

rooms sets

See what you can do with them…

Student mock-upsClick here or the image to see more from previous classes

The room sets and photography in particular are just amazing for mock ups!! I am excited when I get some spare time to add my patterns to all sorts of things. Rachel Knowles


In addition to the wonderful room set images, you can also get your hands on a vast array of royalty-free product stock photography. Download each and every one and use them to mock your beautiful designs onto and then use them in client presentations, in your portfolio and website to really bring your ideas to life.

The Ultimate Portfolio Builder photography covers:

  • Kitchen accessories
  • Office supplies
  • Fashion accessories
  • Home furnishings, decorations and accessories
  • Beauty packaging

product shots


You’ll have access to lots of gorgeous texture files to give your work depth and distinction. They have been specially created by us as a rights-free resource for you. The library contains a selection of scanned textures such as buttons, inks, hand-made papers, hand-drawn textures, glitter papers, watercolours, ribbons, washi tape, wood and much more … all ready for you to design with if you wish or inspire your own textures!  Textures

The textures were really helpful to me. All of the resources you offer are fantastic – Nancy Monson


As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ll also share a library of innovative and varied colour palettes. These are intended to help push your colour choices, ease you in and make the creative process as relaxed and as fun as possible!

colour palettes

It’s really useful to have room sets for mock-ups, so I will definitely use them. I’ll use the textures and colour palettes for inspiration – Anette Heiberg

Only and exclusively available in The Ultimate Portfolio Builder class. Join us today, class starts on MONDAY FEBRUARY 13, 2017!

join us

The Ultimate Portfolio Builder does exactly what it says on the tin. Here you’ll grow and refine your body of commercially viable work and strengthen your professional design portfolio in just a few weeks. The course is brought to you in association with Printsource New York to give you the ultimate fast-track to trade show success. It is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and propel you to the next level. Class starts February 13, 2017.

Module 1: Designing your way is ideal if you’re just starting out on this exciting surface pattern design journey, returning after a career break or if everything has just got too complicated and you want to take it back to the basics and fall in love with design all over again. Class starts February 20, 2017

Join us for Module 2: Creating your professional identity you will learn how to develop your brand image, design advanced technical repeats in Photoshop and Illustrator, put a collection together and start your own label. You will also discover how to understand and predict trends, get noticed and attract the press, and protect your work. This is for you if you have a basic understanding of surface pattern design and now want to get noticed and make a name for yourself. Class starts February 20, 2017


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