Freedom Seeker: Uplifting Words and Designs!

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    Today I want to share a bit about Freedom Seeker – a magical and powerful book written by the inspirational and award-winning entrepreneur, Beth Kempton. Beth is the founder of Do What You Love and along with myself, is the co-founder of Make it in Design and MOYO Magazine.

    Those of you that follow my studio blog will know some of the history around my collaboration with Beth and how we set out to build a creative venture in 2011. At the time, neither Beth or myself knew quite where our ideas would take us. Once the contracts were signed, we both worked our socks off, making many sacrifices to get things off the ground. But even from the onset, it was clear that within our partnership we had many things in common – we shared the belief, passion, dedication, and determination to make something succeed. Although we didn’t quite know what would happen after signing our contracts, our gut instinct told us it would work. In the end, our partnership literally changed my business and my life; the birth of Make it in Design demonstrates that by putting creative and driven heads together, we can create something beautiful. MIID continues to grow and shape the creative careers of thousands of people and it’s genuinely amazing to think about how we got here… but that’s a whole other story (you can read our co-founders interview here).

    While Beth and I share similar instincts and ideas around our career and business goals, in some ways we are like chalk and cheese! Our personalities and tastes are quite different, but I believe that has made our collaboration succeed, as we compliment each other and trust our different skill sets.

    It has now been five years since Beth and I began our collaboration and we very much run our own separate businesses. While we do work apart a lot, we still are around to encourage one another. I’ve watched Beth really flourish over this past year and I feel so happy for her, especially with the new writing venture. Writing Freedom Seeker has taken her on a very spiritual path, as she’s embarked on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately doing what she loves to do.

    As a self-employed professional myself, I feel lucky to be able to earn a living doing what I have always dreamed of while living a balanced lifestyle (though there will always be some long days and evenings). I get to design in my studio, work with lots of interesting and talented people, meet my heroes, and I get to spend time with my little one. I absolutely love it and it makes me feel excited when I think about how Beth is not only doing that herself, but teaching others how to do so as well. For anyone who reads this, I think Beth’s book will be a friend to you, especially if you want to follow your dreams but don’t know where to begin. The book not only shares her inspiring journey – it tells stories of many other people who have found freedom doing what they love too. I personally love that it’s full of practical tools and inspiration to help you achieve your goals realistically while keeping your chin up. And as a working parent, I also know that I often need a reminder to take care of myself and make time for the things that matter – without a doubt, Freedom Seeker is that reminder.

    I wanted to share the news about Beth’s wonderful book launch because I’ve experienced Beth’s enthusiasm, drive, dedication, kindness and serendipitous nature – it is truly infectious and uplifting. I have the honour of calling Beth a business partner and I know this book is going to change lives and make a difference in the world. Beth is someone who really encourages others and  challenges the ‘why not’s’ and ‘what if’s’ in the greatest way possible; she makes you wake up to the world and realise that you can change things and begin seeking Freedom whenever you want. Even if you are in a really difficult situation and you feel powerless, Freedom Seeker demonstrates how you are in control, and that really resonates with me.

    As a designer who thrives on optimism, I’m always sharing positive quotations and inspiring images that incorporate my design work. When I heard about Beth’s book, I wanted to contribute or help in some way, so I thought it would be lovely to capture Beth’s beautiful words in a design. I very much took influence from the quotations themselves and incorporated Beth’s key colours from her brand identity. For me, these quotations have been a lovely way to celebrate Beth’s book and have been a brilliant way of pulling together our different styles and identities. I do hope you like the visual collaboration we have created and that you are inspired by them.

    -Rachael Taylor

    More about the book:

    Freedom Seeker will officially be published by the amazing Hay House next Tuesday April 4, but if you pre-order it you can get access to a brand new course from Beth, worth £299, called ‘How to be happy (and calm, focused and organised).’ Beth is a master at being calm, focused and organised, so you’ll be in good hands. You can also join a Facebook group of other Freedom Seekers to get support for your journey, with regular Facebook Live sessions with Beth, so it’s worth ordering your copy now. Find out more about how to get your pre-order bonus here.

    Beth Kempton Freedom Seeker




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