Rachael Taylor’s feature in Country Homes & Interiors Magazine!

Team MIID are incredibly excited to share some fabulous news about our co-founder and course instructor Rachael Taylor!

 For those currently taking (or are alumni of) Module 3: Monetising Your Designs, you’ll know Rachael has a wealth of insider knowledge and expertise when it comes to art licensing, selling your designs, and manufacturing. To help other creative businesses and aspiring artistic individuals out there, Rachael has shared her industry knowledge in the most recent issue of Country Homes & Interiors magazine (June’s issue – 153).

Rachael’s guest article is all about licensing, covering the unique pros and cons of selling your work. The article truly is packed full of handy info about the world of licensing and its potential for you as a designer.

It was so great to see Make it in Design get a mention too! If you are a designer hoping to dive into the world of licensing, selling, manufacturing, and ultimately earning money from your work, be sure to read our blog from earlier this year: 50 Reasons to Take Module 3 (Starting September 2017)!

You can grab a copy of the issue here!

Follow Rachael on Instagram for sneak peeks into more behind the scenes of the studio. You can also check out her online shop for more of her licensed ranges.

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