Pattern Design Showcase Part 5 – Module 3 (September 2016 Class)

Welcome back to the latest instalment Make it in Design student showcase! We are so pleased to bring you the fifth part of the beautiful and amazing design work our students created in Module 3, Monetising Your Designs!  During their 5 weeks in class (completed September 2016), the Make it in Design students learned to monetise their designs and got to grips with the nitty-gritty of freelancing, licensing, selling outright, and manufacturing. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the designs that have come out of this module and are incredibly excited about their futures in surface pattern design!

So here you have it – part five in our September 2016 Module 3 Student Showcase – enjoy!

Yasmin Dadabhoy | UK

The most powerful element of the course was all the inside information of the business of pattern making and I discovered there is so much to it that I didn’t know. I loved reading the interviews of all the successful designers and how they made it to the top. The fb community helped me in lots of ways and my classmates were kind enough to answer my questions and give me useful advise.  This course has given me a lot of confidence and made think out of the box. I also plan to utilize the information on trade shows when I go to the New Designers Show next year.

Victoria Chappell | UK | Website

The MIID course has given me and my course mates a huge amount of information over the 3 modules and a fantastic platform to help support one another on our journey. As a complete beginner, I’ve learnt so much about the profession giving me the confidence to take a new direction and pursue a career in surface pattern design.

Kirsten Mikkelsen | Denmark | Website

The decision to make my passion my career was daunting. Module 3: Monetising Your Designs has given me the tools and the courage to keep on challenging myself as a designer and to keep on pursuing my dream. You get “hands on” information on how to work as a freelancer by listening to the experiences of other designers. How to work with clients, agents or just yourself selling patterns or products with your patterns on them.

Ruth Ellen Parlour | UK | Website

Module 3 has helped me to understand in great depth the business side of surface pattern design and answered many questions. It has helped give me the confidence to pursue a career in design.

Sam Elliott | Australia | Instagram

Module 3 has been sensational – the sheer volume and openness of knowledge shared here has really given me confidence and direction in this career path. Thank you, this course has brought me so much joy, I’m so excited about things to come!

Shelley Schmidt | USA | Website

After developing and strengthening my design style during the first two ABSPD courses, I knew that I wanted to learn more about the business side of the surface pattern industry, especially trade shows, getting an agent, and manufacturing my own patterned products. As a new designer hoping to break into the industry, the Module 3 course gave me exactly what I was looking for and I now feel much more confident, prepared, and excited to begin presenting my artwork and patterned products to companies, agents, and consumers!

Sue Cleveland | USA | Website

The business end of Module 3 has been extremely helpful, and over the 3 modules I have taken, my tech / computer skills are finally catching up with my creative skills! I can now design closer to what I envision. I have learned so much. Make it in Design has helped me find my passion!

Tanyia Lewis | UK | Website

This course has been a breath of fresh air and truly a positive experience. I have learnt so many new skills and my confidence has really grown from where it was before I started the course. The structure and support given is amazing and well worth the investment!

Taylor Shannon | USA | Website

Module 3 of ABSPD has really given me the confidence to pursue a career in surface design through details about trade shows, selling outright, and licensing. It’s such a great feeling to know that my dream job is possible, and the course has given me specific steps to take to ensure my success!

Tishya Oedit | UK | Website

This course has helped me feel more prepared to go out into the world and monetise my designs. It has explored every single avenue that a professional surface pattern designer could take and given a clear break down of what each of them would involve.

Trixia Yong | Singapore | Website

The practical tips & insights into freelancing & selling in this course have been invaluable! They have given me a clear idea of the steps I can take to grow my career and start approaching clients.

Victoria Sills | UK | Website

This course has been invaluable to setting up in the Surface Pattern industry. So much information that you may otherwise be unaware of. For me the encouragement from the course itself really helps you keep faith in your work and the online community made me feel part of something, which can be hard when working remotely.

Virginia Sardi | Venezuela | Website

The course helped me to decide, with confidence, which area of the industry suits me best to monetise my designs and at the same time flourish as a surface pattern designer.

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