ACID Offers Student Membership


As many of our readers may know, our co-founder and course instructor Rachael Taylor is an official member of  the official ACID Advisory Council. Lead by CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE and her team, ACID have shown incredible support throughout Rachael’s own career, standing by her during her own legal battles (including the highly publicised battles against one of the UK’s largest retailers).

Passionate about defending the intellectual properties of artists like Rachael, ACID continue to support and provide council for other creatives out there who experience copying and infringement in the design industry. Equally, ACID strive to inform and protect the artists of tomorrow. Recently, as part of British IP Day, ACID launched another new initiative – a special and affordable student ACID membership with access to the full range of member benefits.

ACID has slashed its membership to offer students access to tips, guidance, and advice about all aspects of intellectual property and to access to some of the valuable IP benefits such as the Copyright & Design Databank – a safe way to lodge designs for a few pence. Making money by ensuring ideas grow into income all require a little bit of IP savvy and the creation of a proactive intellectual property strategy. Simply using the ACID logo as a powerful brand of deterrence against copying is a powerful tool in any designer’s armoury.

ACID is offering the student membership at a cost of less than a couple of drinks per month; with it, students will be able to ensure their new designs are protected and will also learn how to maximise their intellectual property. If the membership sounds perfect for you, or if you know someone who may benefit, you can find out more information here.

Intellectual Property is not just fundamental to the success of creative businesses but also to the wider economy, including the retail and supply chain. In light of the Great Repeal Act and the Industrial Strategy, it is vital that IP is a priority for Government and that these key contributions continue to be recognised.  The UK design industry continues to go from strength to strength – in 2013, the design economy generated £71.7 billion in GVA, equivalent to 7.2% of total GVA – which just highlights the invaluable ‘soft power’ attraction of the UK.  This success is only possible by maintaining strong IP protections.

The Alliance for IP  celebrated #BritishIPDay this year with their “Meet Your MP” initiative along with an announcement of the 2nd IP Champion Award Last year, Anti Copying in Design (ACID) was honoured to be the first ever British IP Champion!

Commenting on British IP Day, ACID CEO Dids Macdonald OBE. said, “UK design punches well above its weight contributing a massive £71.4b to the UK’s GVA. Sadly, however, there are many who seek a fast track to market through blatant design infringement. It is imperative that the future of tomorrow’s designers is secured through tough enforcement measures. However, a great first step is to create a proactive IP strategy!”

If you’re a student and are interested in finding out about the ACID student membership, be sure to check out their brochure here.

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