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    Module 1: Designing your way and Module 3: Monetising your designs officially started last Monday but due to popular demand, we’ve extended our registration until close of play TODAY, October 02nd!

    If you’re still undecided whether one of these courses is right for you right now, email the team at and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

    Read on to see if either one is for you – we hope to see you there!

    Module 1

    Module 1: Designing your way is ideal if you want to:

    • develop your colour and pattern skills
    • learn more about how to create your own patterns for surface design
    • connect with other like-minded designers and learn from industry experts
    • want to learn about the surface pattern design industry and don’t have the time to study it at college or university
    • one day license your own designs but don’t know where to begin (note this is the first step – Modules 2 and 3 provide more business-related advice)
    • develop your signature style, grow your portfolio and find your place in this exciting industry
    Find out more about Module 1

    Module 3


    Module 3: Monetising your designs is ideal of you want to:

    • generate more income from your existing designs
    • get your collection of work out into the world, and get it sold
    • learn more complex techniques for sophisticated and commercially-appealing surface pattern design
    • know the right contacts in industry to get you where you want to be
    • know how to negotiate a contract and secure an all important deal
    • know how not to get ripped off
    • be able to better manage your time, stock levels, motivation and money
    • connect with other passionate designers and learn from industry experts
    • You want to make it as a professional surface pattern designer
    • gain experience working to a real commercial briefs
    • Access to WGSN and Rachael’s little black book of contacts!
    Find out more about Module 3

    Registration for these modules officially close TODAY, October 02nd – don’t miss out!



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