Scholarship 2018 News! Our top 50 shortlisted. {Part 2}

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the Make it in Design scholarship in association with Print Pattern.

We received so many amazing design entries from over 200 applicants from 39 different countries and had a simply wonderful time reviewing every single one of them.

We wanted to showcase our top 50 to you all, before we shortly the final results Friday this week. This is part 2 with 25 out of our top 50 and you can see part 1 here. We hope you enjoy these beautiful designs. {We are showcasing in alphabetical order}


Jessie Steury | USA | Website

Jess Wray | UK | Instagram

Julz Nally | USA | Website

Lauren Benner | USA | Website

Linda Lightley | UK

Lindsey Jo Scott | USA | Website

Lisa Robey | Pinson, TN, USA

Megan Edmonds | South Africa

Melissa Wiederrecht | Saudi Arabia

Melissa Boardman | New Zealand | Website

Mrudula Divekar | USA | Instagram

Nadezhda Vinogradova | Russia | Instagram

Nina Ray | Indonesia | Instagram

Nirosha Ambagahawatta | India

Rachael Rowe | UK | Website

Rachel Knowles | UK | Website

Sonya Percival | Chicago, USA | Website

Stefanie Wolf | Germany | Instagram

Sue Halstead | West Midlands, UK | Instagram

Sue Gibbins | UK | Website

Swapna Mulye | Mumbai, India

Tatiana Abaurre | Rio de Janerio, Brazil | Instagram

Thea King | UK

Virpi Karjalainen | Finland | Instagram

Viviana Ramos | Costa Rica


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