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Alumni research – Let’s look at the facts!

The Make it in Design team receive many emails each week asking similar questions about our popular The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design (ABSPD) e-course; Three of our most frequently asked questions are: how much time is required to complete the modules the likelihood of getting paid work at the end of the […]

Christine Llewellyn: Boost Your Confidence As A Designer!

Creative confidence is defined as the belief in your ability to create change in the world around you – and the impact of this can never be underestimated. As designers there are often times when we lack confidence in our abilities – after all, it takes tremendous courage to put our authentic creative selves out […]

Freedom Seeker Competition: The Results!

This past April, the Make it in Design team celebrated the release of Freedom Seeker, an wonderful and inspirational book written by our fabulous co-founder Beth Kempton! As part the launch, we created a fun Make it in Design giveaway where one lucky person could win a free place on the next Ultimate Portfolio Builder (September 2017)! UPB is […]

Pattern Design Showcase Part 5 – Module 3 (September 2016 Class)

Welcome back to the latest instalment Make it in Design student showcase! We are so pleased to bring you the fifth part of the beautiful and amazing design work our students created in Module 3, Monetising Your Designs!  During their 5 weeks in class (completed September 2016), the Make it in Design students learned to monetise their designs and got to […]

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