Micheala Childs

October 5, 2016

Today we have the pleasure in bringing you an interview with the queen of handmade papery goodness…Micheala Childs of Comeuppance.

logo swirl copyMicheala Childs

  • What’s your story?

I have always been creative. I did my degree in textiles where I specialised in knit. I started freelancing as soon as I left university and knitting quickly turned into print and embroidery design. I’ve been designing prints and embroideries for women’s fashion since 2002 and making tiaras and embroidered jewellery since I was a child.

A couple of years ago I started making paper goods and selling them on Etsy through my bespoke paper decor label, Comeuppance. It’s grown since then and I now sell on notonthehighstreet.com and a few other sites.

So, I am a textile designer by day, and a crafter by night. I live and work in east London, and I design and make in a shared studio in hackney, near Broadway Market.

Comeuppance flowery goodness

  • Can you give us a brief overview about your work, style and some of the places your work has been featured?

I try to keep the style of my work simple and clean, my natural style is pretty and feminine and that can become too sugary and frilly if I’m not careful! Most of my work ends up at weddings, but I have done some window displays and been commissioned for special pieces for magazines. It’s always nice to be commissioned to do things that you wouldn’t usually do. I made some giant paper parcel bows for House and Garden last year, and I’m about to make some giant flower encrusted glasses for an opticians!

Floral decoration comeuppance 1

  • How did the name ‘Comeuppance’ come about?

I just really like the word, and also the idea that just deserts needn’t be bad! I have thought about changing it at times though, as it does confuse people!

2015-07-11 03.59.33-1

  • You left your full time job to focus on developing this business – have you ever looked back?

For a long time I was working full time in-house as a print designer and then going to my studio after work and at the weekends. Eventually I just couldn’t get everything done and I realised I had to do one or the other. I decided to make the leap, there have been times when I worried that it was the wrong decision, but I don’t think I’d go back. It is hard to be your own boss, you have to be all things, and you never quite let go of work, but the freedom that comes with it is worth it!

Handmade paper floral decoration

  • Where are you based and what does your creative space look like?

I am based in Hackney, in a shared studio just off Broadway Market. My space is a mess! And like me it is covered in glitter most of the time!

Comeuppance floral display 3

  • Can you talk us through your creative process?

I don’t really have a set creative process, sometimes I’ll be inspired by the latest trends, and other times something completely unrelated to my work will give me an idea. I use the usual tools for research; Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, and I have a library of new and vintage design books.

Comeuppance floral display 4

  • We met you at Paperfest back in July 2015 – how important is it for creatives to go to events like these?

It’s not only the obvious value in these events such as exposure or gaining knowledge that is worthwhile, its meeting like-minded people. It is very inspirational to spend time with others who are as passionate about their work as you are about yours!

Comeuppance floral display chair 5

  • What are you working on right now and what’s next?

I’m trying to develop new products, which is quite difficult during wedding season, I’m hoping when it’s over I’ll be able to get onto it properly.

comeuppance 2

  • What’s your big dream?

It is just to continue doing what I love, and maybe get someone in to handle the admin at some point!

Comeuppance 1

Quick fire questions…

  • Who or what inspires your work? Helen Amy Murray, Melanie Miller, Sara Landeta, Liberty prints, vintage prints from the 30s and 40s, antique kimonos and anything sparkly!
  • What three words best describe you? Messy, Stubborn and Generous
  • What’s your preferred social media platform? Instagram
  • What are your favourite hobbies? Crochet, knitting, sewing and reading
  • Can you share a few things that people don’t know about you? I don’t like dark chocolate, my IQ is 164 and I’m a compulsive collector of sequins.

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