Natasha Kate Creek

March 27, 2014


Today’s designer interview is with nineteen-year-old Natasha Kate Creek from North Yorkshire who has turned doodling into her design business.

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When did your interest in design first start and how did that come about?

Looking back I realize that I have been interested in design from a very young age. I adored creating and making when I was little though I hadn’t ever associated my love of colours and patterns as something I might, one day, take up professionally.

My doodle design patterns began whilst I was studying for my A-levels. I soon realized that the art I enjoyed most was not in lessons but was what I was drawing on books, folders, friends hands…whatever I could get my pen to! People began to notice and suggested I make more and my business developed from there.


What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer?

Initially I wasn’t very confident in my designs so taking them to my first craft fair was daunting. After they were successful there, I went on to bigger fairs and markets. I later set up my own Website and Etsy store to back up the work I was doing in person. Once I became more assured that my designs were being well received, I started taking them to local gift shops and eventually branched out of my home town and soon I will take on cities.

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How would you describe your style?

I’ve been told that my style is very much like zentangle, henna or bohemian work but I think it’s a little more personal for me. I don’t really have a codified selection of designs to pick from; rather I draw what comes into my mind at the time or what I think the design needs. I’d say my style is florally focused but spontaneous and going-with-the-flow.

What kind of designer do you want to be known as?

Because all of my designs are created straight onto the materials and not printed, I’d like to be known as someone who puts a lot of hard work into their creations. I think it will be challenging to keep this reputation as I’d like to start printing soon but I’d love to be known as an artist who can keep creating something totally unique every time.

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What are you working on currently?

Currently, I am working on producing more and more designs. On average each takes between two and six hours so progress is relatively slow. I’m also working on hand massage techniques for when the poor thing can’t draw anymore!

What advice would you give emerging designers wanting to build their portfolios?

I’d say absolutely go for it! Design what makes you happy and what you want to see a lot of because this will happen! Be confident in your designs and don’t be afraid to let them develop and morph into new creations. Most importantly, just keep believing in them. It’s very easy to think that people won’t like them or that they’re not right but if you’re enjoying your patterns then other people certainly will.

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What would be your dream design gig?

Oooh there’s so many dreams I have for my designs. Really I’d love to be creating prints which are recognizable and widely available as well as still drawing by hand and producing more one-in-the-world pieces.

Looking ahead what are your major goals for the next couple of years?

From here I am going to continue to draw and design and keep sending my work to more new, exciting places. I hope to graduate from my university course in the next two years and would also like to write my first book but this may have to wait for a little while.


If you were a pattern what kind of a pattern would you be and why?

I think I’d like to be something yellowy, creamy, orangey. Probably something quite delicate with interlocking spirals and swirls because they have a lovely depth and regimentation to them. Yellow is my favorite colour because it is so happy and sunny and there’s nothing I like more!

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Hello, I am a nineteen-year-old student currently studying in London but am from North Yorkshire. I love to doodle and this has turned from a habit into my design business. As well as designing, I really enjoy dancing, teaching and creative writing (plus summertime and cake!). For the past year, I have been working on and developing my art work and would now like to share it with everyone. I’ve met some fantastic people through creative work and hope to meet many more. I’m very proud of my designs and really hope you enjoy them too!

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