Graduate Spotlight! Motif Manor

Graduate of The Ultimate Portfolio Builder @motifmanor from Australia shares her experience of winning The Creative Mentorship Competition included in the course. The Creative Mentorship Competition EXCLUSIVE TO The Ultimate Portfolio Builder includes a 1 hour invaluable session with Cofounder and Design Innovator Rachael Taylor and a FREE place on the online course Reach Teach Profit: The E-course Creation Masterclass run by Cofounder Beth Kempton.

“At the end of Spring I entered it as part of a two collection submission to the @makeitindesign Creative Mentorship Competition as part of a course they run called the #ultimateportfoliobuilder.⁠ […]

In the middle of Summer I was feeling like I was in a creative slump. […] I thought I’d check the Facebook group […] and BAM! There was my name. I’d won the mentorship. I couldn’t believe my eyes! […]

It really goes to show that the things that we create today can help us move towards the future we are aiming for.”

And after receiving her portfolio review:

“I have come away with confidence in what I have done so far, my art and a list of actionable steps.⁠

[…] took the time to look through my website, online portfolio and IG account and gave me thorough and helpful feedback. It was great.⁠

It can be a daunting thing to ask and receive feedback, especially when we put our hearts and souls into our work. Without it though, how can we improve ourselves and our businesses? ⁠

And it doesn’t mean we will like what we hear. But seeing our work through the eyes of another professional can highlight our blind spots and give us the best chance at succeeding. Sometimes we’ve got to just do it.

[…] Your feedback and advice were invaluable and I look forward to seeing were it takes me.⁠”

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MIID REGISTER NOW 1700PX HR Graduate Spotlight! Motif Manor