Summer School 2022 first trend briefs REVEALED!

Here’s a cheeky taster of what’s happening in Summer School 2022…

Beginner Trackers – are exploring summer days and a bohemian lifestyle with the trend WANDERLUST



Intermediate Trackers – are creating vibrant summer florals contrasted with vintage twist with the trend VINTAGE DAYDREAM



Advanced Trackers – are taking a trip to the Mediterranean, discovering skies of deep blue, salty ocean breeze and zingy citrus with the trend DOLCE VITA


Our Summer School classrooms are OPEN NOW but it’s NOT TOO LATE for you to join us and find your own Summer inspiration! Submission deadlines are September 12th, so there’s still plenty of time to catch up and join in the fun! Each track comes with two beautifully presented trend briefs, based on the hottest future Spring/Summer trends from experts Porter & Brawn, two fun creative challenges, a whole host of creative downloads for your portfolio and the chance to win amazing career enhancing prizes!