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Welcome to The Live Hub! Learn from experts, access the hottest future design trends, gorgeous colour and design inspiration, industry insight and more in The Live Hub, our award-winning online community. As a cherished member you can also expect amazing video-based content, invaluable downloadable resources and LIVE design briefs, with a new theme each quarter from as little as £15 per month with our offers.


The Make it in Design Live Hub is our thriving online members’ club with SO much to offer to help further your creative career. Whether you’re an alumni of our courses or new to us, you will love having access to a fountain of expertly curated design resources, tools and inspiration. Whatever stage of your creative journey, beginner or pro, The Live Hub has something for everyone. This thriving creative community is brought to you by the Make it in Design Team, as well as brilliant guest tutors from around the world, PLUS our Co-Founder Rachael Taylor and Porter & Brawn Trends Consultants. Our focus is on delivering exclusive trend reports, prompts and challenges to re-engage, focus and motivate your creative productivity. This is the place to be if you want to learn how to create future thinking, commercial and stand-out design work that will get you those dream clients and improve your income streams. Take your skills to new heights and learn to lead the way in the design industry!




The Live Hub runs in a quarterly content format:

The current quarter is: January to March where we are focusing on 2024/25 COLOUR TRENDS. We are exploring colour combinations, fashion, interiors and more to help you expand your portfolio. We will be focusing on the micro design trends:

Peach Fuzz – “The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024 is “Peach Fuzz” or PANTONE 13-1023. It is described as a unique peach blend that enhances warmth and natural beauty, aiming to convey a message of caring, community, and collaboration. This colour was chosen to reflect the prevailing mood and attitudes of global societies, with an increased focus on community, wellness and people reframing how they want to live and evaluating what is important.”

New Sensitivity – “The colour palettes for Heimtextil Trends 24/25 drew inspiration from natural hues like those found in avocado seeds, algae, living bacteria, historical pigments such as raw sienna, and bio-engineering advancements that create new eco-friendly dyes.”

Colour for Fashion and Interiors – “Whether it’s in fashion, interior design, or branding, understanding the importance of colour and staying updated on colour trends can have a significant impact on the success of products and brands.”






Each quarter in our virtual classroom you can expect to see:

  • 3 x JUICY trend reports with a focus on pattern, fashion, interiors and packaging design to help you build up your portfolio and creative income
  • COMMERCIAL flash trends to help get your work noticed now or EXCITING colour exploration in our Colour Spotlight to level up your confidence with different palettes
  • EXCLUSIVE creative assignments designed to get you professionally translating trends, boosting your portfolio of work and building your skills
  • PRACTICAL design prompts posted every week on Mojo Monday to get you inspired with new ideas

  • LIVE + INTERACTIVE work feedback streams with the Make it in Design team and guest experts
  • Access to a VAULT of invaluable creative resources and downloads
  • Access to 3 months of previous content
  • Each quarter we will also strive to bring you taught content or an interview from a GUEST EXPERT TUTOR, or a LIVE DESIGN BRIEF or COMPETITION with a company in industry




Of course, no Make it in Design offering is complete without our amazing community, and by signing up to The Live Hub, you’ll be welcomed into our buzzing private Facebook group where you can connect, share ideas, network, and build lasting relationships in the design industry. This is also where you’ll get lots of interaction with the Make it in Design team including our Course Leader Rachael Taylor, our guest tutors and our worldwide network of creatives.


Is The Live Hub just a Facebook group?

No, not at all! First and foremost, the members club is a beautiful and private online classroom featuring brand-new content and a theme every quarter. This can be accessed via your student account on our website and includes new video content and pdfs to download. As well as this juicy fresh content, you will also be invited to join our incredibly supportive private community Facebook group, which is the perfect place to share tips, ask for advice, network and build relationships with other creatives around the world. This is entirely optional and although you don’t have to join we do occasionally host live streams in the group. However if you are not on Facebook we do post these videos back in the classroom so that all can enjoy it.

Is it for me?

Wherever you are in your creative career, YES! From curated trend reports from industry experts to creative challenges to stretch and inspire you to our fabulous worldwide community of other creatives, The Live Hub has everything you need to support and boost your creative career.

Is it just for professional designers?

The Live Hub is for anyone with an interest in all things creative, whether you’re a seasoned professional or someone just starting out on their journey.

I’m based in the UK/the US/Asia/Australia etc, is that okay?

Yes! We have members all over the world, which means that you’ll always find someone to connect with, whether you’re sharing your work, asking for advice or looking for friendship and/or collaboration. The classroom is also accessible online 24/7.

How much is it? Can I pay annually/quarterly/biannually?

Membership of the Make it in Design Live Hub costs £22 per month, £50 per quarter, £95 per half-year or £180 per year. And yes you can! Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual memberships are available. Please note however that if you do decide to cancel part way through a quarter then you won’t be able to access the remaining content for that quarter as access will be revoked on day of cancellation.

Why do you limit enrolment periods?

By limiting enrolment to a few times a year, we can focus on welcoming new members into the Make it in Design Live Hub so that they feel valued and supported right from the very day they join.




You can look forward to all this and more for only £22 a month (or save with our subscription options!) There is no contract and membership can be cancelled at any time, but we know you will want to stick around for the next exciting content as well as for our amazing community.

  • Monthly =  £22 per month (Plus any applicable VAT/Tax)
  • Quarterly =  £50 every 3 months (Plus any applicable VAT/Tax)
  • Bi-annual =  £95 every 6 months (Plus any applicable VAT/Tax)
  • Annual =  £180 every 12 months (Plus any applicable VAT/Tax)

*Please note the membership is set up as an auto payment via Paypal. We have an easy, no hassle approach so that you cancel your membership at any time by following the steps below or simply contacting the team via [email protected] 

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