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Make it in Design is home to one of the longest running online design schools in the world. We help creatives from across the globe thrive in the design industry. We love nothing more than to inspire creative people to follow their dreams, grow sustainable design businesses, and do what they love.

We have created the Make it in Design podcast to bring our audience interviews with creatives, designers and business owners who have made bold moves and followed their hearts in order to thrive as creative professionals. The Make it in Design podcast is a place of curiosity and discovery, and we look forward to sharing this conversation with you!

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How to power up your creativity with Make it in Design Co-founder Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor is an award-winning art director, creative mentor, and print and pattern designer and now author. She is best known for her quirky style, daring use of colour, and unique innovation. She regularly takes on design commissions for various companies and has created prints and patterns for almost every part of the marketplace. She is a trademarked brand with a number of licensed products worldwide.

Rachael is also a much-loved coach and creative mentor who is well-known for her friendly, honest, and motivational teaching style. As the co-founder of Make It In Design, she has developed a ground-breaking educational platform and taught more than 25,000 students across 100 countries.

Rachael has been featured in many print and online publications including House Beautiful, Red, Mollie Makes and Homestyle, and on ITV, BBC and Channel 4. She is also a member of the UK government’s Anti-Copying in Design Sector Council, and a regular speaker at design industry events.

This special interview is in celebration of Rachael’s book, Power up your Creativity – available now! After so many conversations with our much-loved Make it in Design community, Rachael has developed a keen insight into what obstacles stand in the way of creative success for so many of us and has turned her guidance into a stunning book.

This special episode includes:

  • Where Rachael’s passion for design and colour began
  • Discovering what resonates with you
  • Creativity is about taking risks, breaking rules and having fun
  • The value of teaching and passing on your experiences
  • Dealing with adversity and how to make it positive
  • How to deal with rejection when it happens

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