Pattern course showcase part 3 – Module 3 (April 2013 class)

We are really pleased to showcase part 3 of the beautiful work from our very talented Module 3 students of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course) who took the course in April 2013. Here are more of our fantastic students & the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class.

“The most powerful aspect of studying ABSPD has been the transformation that has taken place within me, from entering the course with little idea of what I could achieve, to leaving the class with the over-riding feeling of being able to go out and succeed in pursuing a creative career in surface pattern design.”  Anne Waters


“The most powerful element of the course for me has to be the real-life, practical knowledge and insights featured throughout the module. It is making me think hard about how I must be able to make the creative aspect of designing work with its left-brain practicalities. ” Kay Supan

Joanne Cocker-SCANDI TREES 2

“I really can’t explain how much this course has changed me and my outlook and approach to designing, life & work. I feel totally different, in a confident way and can’t quite believe I am just about to launch my own website… did that happen!?
  Thank you!” Joanne Cocker


Sonia Atwal

“The ABSPD course has given me the direction and inspiration to reclaim my artwork and pursue working under my own name! For the first time in my professional life, I have been able to embrace my personal style and experiment with design process to find what works for me. The course content, advice from Rachael and Beth, and the amazing group of classmates who welcomed me into their community, have given me the support and knowledge I was searching for in order to move forward with my dreams.” Ashley Lotecki


If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course’, we are thrilled to announce we are running module 2 (starting on November 11 2013) and also module 3 (starting on November 11 2013). We also have the full series available (module 1, 2 & 3) starting in March 2014. Registration for all classes is open here


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