Pattern design showcase part 1 – Module 1 (March 2014 class)

We are really pleased to showcase the beautiful work from our very talented Module 1 students of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design who took the course in March 2014. Here are some our fantastic students & the work they have created over the 5 weeks in class.


“I found Module 1 to be engaging, informative, and inspirational. It was beautifully paced with great foundation and beginner exercises, through to fun design briefs. The global community of classmates was supportive and definitely an important part of the course. Seeing everyone’s progress throughout the module and receiving positive feedback on my work was very motivating. I’ve learned some terrific new skills, which I know will be fundamental to my creative growth as a surface pattern designer. Thank you Rachael and Beth xx” – Julie Harrison

    2.Lesley Young

“I started this course as a total novice, I mean I’m not even a great drawer. I think the most powerful thing for me on the course has been the loosening up exercises which have given me the concept to look outside the box and even simple drawings can become great patterns. Basics concepts like mark making and using different drawing mediums and thicknesses can actually turn out to be excellent background textures.” – Lesley Young

    3.Kate Bartholomew Woodblock Checks.

“Thank-you for providing such a lovely and inspiring online course, I have really enjoyed all the daily exercises and found them all helpful and inspiring. Two of the things I have learnt (amongst many) are how to free up my drawings and interpret the subject matter more stylistically rather than literally. I have also learnt to think about colour pallets and how to put them together to enhance the design.” – Kate Bartholomew


“The most powerful part of the course for me, was to experiment with hand drawing more, as a designer I often spend a lot of time on the computer, so to actually get away from it, and scan in my work and work from this, it has given me a lot more confident in developing my style. I will certainly be using it with my work I do with A Fresh Bunch, and any future work I submit to companies, I can’t wait!” – Elizabeth May


“If you were to ask me what was the most powerful and beneficial element of the course? – I would have to be honest and say simply EVERYTHING. This course was both essential and inspiring, but more importantly AMAZING!!!!!!!” – Lisa Jane Dhar – Seeds in Bloom


“I am so grateful for the Module 1 Pattern Class as it helped me work out my process. I was able to get back to the art table again and break through my fear of sketching after fifteen years of being mostly on the computer.” – Kathy McGraw


“I loved doing the ABSPD Module 1, for me the most powerful element has been in learning to have the confidence in myself, to develop my own style, but learning Photoshop and Illustrator will also help me to more easily create, and to present my ideas professionally. The online community is incredible, so inspiring, supportive and encouraging.” – Charlotte Brown


“It’s impossible to single out one powerful element of this Module 1 class. I am living, sleeping, and breathing patterns. I see them everywhere I go and in my dreams. I will never look at the world the same way. You should emphasize the fact that someone who has NEVER been on Illustrator or Photoshop can feel so comfortable and confident creating after your class! This is not a ‘Bonus’-this is “MAGIC”!” – Patti Sokol


“I truly needed to be reminded to go back to basics: enjoying life, finding inspiration in its purest form and recreating it. I enjoyed the slow introduction to the various computer programs and found the encouragement of the student community to be invaluable. I am looking forward to building upon what I have learned in Module 2!” – Cindy Willingham

  11.Kathleen Verhetsel - Rawr

“The most powerful element of the course for me was having a community of like minded people to help you out whenever you need it and to share your passion with. Having this is a true gift. This course has helped me in so many ways, but mostly by giving me confidence in what I do. I’ve already had some skills, but know I also have the knowledge as to how to use these skills for surface pattern design. Now I know that this is something I really want to do, that this is my passion and that I want to go for it. So thank you so very much for this wonderful, inspiring and life changing course. I will see you in module 2 and hopefully in module 3 as well!” – Kathleen Verhetsel


If you are interested in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’, we are thrilled to announce we are starting a lovely new series of classes starting October 2014 with module 1. We are also running another module 2 class too! Registration for all classes is open here.

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