Pattern Design Showcase Part 6 – Module 2 (January 2015 Class)

Today is the last instalment in our student showcase of the work from our very talented Module 2 students of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design who took the course in January 2015. We hope you have enjoyed looking through all the amazing student work created over the 5 weeks in class! We look forward to showcasing Module 3 very soon!

51.Traci Pichette - Topstitch

“The most powerful element of the course for me was the strong community and willingness to provide feedback and share information. As a result, I discovered new design tools & resources that will enable me to enhance my presentations and portfolio” – Traci Pichette |Website

52.Cathrin Gressieker-elegant flower3-lowres

“This course has helped me tremendously with learning about trends and designing patterns according to briefs and assignments. The amount of information provided in this module is something will go back to over and over again” – Cathrin Gressieke, Germany |Website


Tamzen Brewster |Website


“For me, the most powerful element of ABSPD was forcing me out of my comfort zone. I’ve always felt like I drew like a kindergartner, so I never sketched much. But by doing so as well as creating hand made textures, I was able to find my design style and be confident in who I am as a designer” – Beth Schneider Elizabeth Victoria Designs, USA |Website


“The most valuable part of the class for me was learning to work to a professional brief, and learning the skills to present my work.  Not just designing patterns, but learning how to present them in a professional, well-thought out way” – Bley Hack Esther Bley Designs |Website


“The course has given me enough information and confidence to actually start working on my brand. The branding process is in progress, and I’m so glad my journey has finally started” – Egle Petrauskaite, UK |Website

57.CatherineCross image-7

Catherine Cross, UK | Website


“Module 2 encouraged me to analyze what appeals to me and how I wish my work to be viewed and has enabled me to begin to develop my signature style. I found the insight into the working lives of professional pattern designers informative and inspiring and looking into the world of trend forecasting has given me a deeper understanding of the focused planning required to be a success in the industry” – Kath Moncrief, USA | Website


“This course has sparked my creativity which was dormant if not extinct and is bringing me to have to deal with digital art and processes, and that is Massive” -Elizabeth Kitching, UK |


“What has amazed me most about this course is the support and friendship of my fellow students, they are brilliant and so talented, I’m proud to be part of this group. It’s really great to know that I can work through the modules at my own pace and have all of the information downloaded to refer back to” – Fiona Ashford| Website


“ABSPD opened my eyes to all the possibilities that are out there. I learned a lot about the design process, finding your style and looking out for trends. I believe I now have the necessary tools to make my dreams come true” – Amée for Moncharis, Guatemala |Website

FLORAL1 repeat

“This course has been amazing and has introduced me to the business side of the design industry. I would have never submitted any designs to competitions prior to this course. Thanks to the wonderful Facebook community, I gave it a try and to my surprise I made it to the shortlist of the Tiger print floral competition, which gave a boost to my confidence. This course has given me a sense of individuality and I am getting closer to finding my signature style.” – Fizah Malik |Website

63.Elena Daniela Tanasa 1 low res- Pinky Blue

“This course has been the greatest opportunity to learn technical lessons along with amazing practical brand and business information but most of all it has offered me the courage to share what I created, inside a wonderful community, and to start taking my creative life seriously. It was just what I needed.” – Elena-Daniela Tanasa, Belgium |Website




The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design is the definitive guide to becoming a surface pattern design professional. If you have ever dreamt of seeing your designs on stationery, homewares, fabric or other products, this series of interactive online courses is for you! Thriving surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor will guide you along this exciting path from developing your signature style, to putting a collection together, and from protecting your work to monetising your designs. With a rich combination of design inspiration, practical advice, demonstrations, creative exercises, resources and interviews with leading industry practitioners, this is the go-to guide for anyone wanting to develop their design skills and break into the industry. Our next classes begin April 13, 2015 – we hope to be able to welcome you to class!

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