7 Days to go: Gain real and honest perspective

We’re on the official countdown to the start of our next round of acclaimed surface pattern design courses starting September 21, 2015. Over the next few days we’ll highlight our favourite reasons why you should join us!

7 days to go…

As a designer, you don’t need us to tell you how isolated you can feel, especially if you work alone from home. You can sometimes feel like you’re going round in circles, hitting the same walls, questioning your own abilities and doubting whether you will ever actually make it in this industry you desire so much.

So imagine what it could do for you and your design work for years to come if you had a well-established, highly respected, professional designer review your work and website?

  • What if they were to offer constructive critique and areas for improvement to move YOU forward?
  • If they are able to reassure you that you’re on the right track, and
  • Explain which markets your style might suit and where they could see the commercial value in your work?

Wouldn’t that be super valuable?


Join us for our ‘The Ultimate Portfolio Builder’ starting September 21, 2015 (ONE WEEK TODAY!) and this is exactly what you can get. Every single person on the course will get some of their work individually reviewed by an expert.

‘Who?’ We hear you ask!

Let us introduce you to our fabulous reviewers who sit alongside Rachael Taylor. We are honoured to have the internationally renowned surface pattern designer Khristian A. Howell and the fabulous designer Janine Burrows aka Jam and Ginger at your service.

Rachael taylorKhristianJanine Burrows

Graduates who’ve experienced an individual review tell us that this is one of the most valuable areas in the course.

Here are just some of the amazing comments from our May 2015 class:

“Khristian A Howell highlighted things that I needed to work on which is already steering me in new directions and helping me grow as a surface pattern designer. She also highlighted things that I didn’t know I was doing right already which was reassuring and has kept me on track too! This will most certainly help with the other powerful element of live briefs, which is an opportunity that no other course I have done in the design industry has offered.” – Christine

“My personal review definitely was the pinnacle of this course for me. Since I have no experience in this field and am emerging as a surface pattern designer, it was greatly reassuring and encouraging to know that my work is unique and actually “ahead of its time”, which is truly mind-blowing. I now know that I am on the right career path, to continue to follow my instinct, and to trust that my ideas are fresh and will bring something lively to the marketplace.” – Nadine

“Janine’s feedback has given me both direction and confidence. The perspective of a professional designer is something that I have longed for some time now! I found all the comments thorough, constructive, informative and encouraging. I now know first-hand in what direction to take my work – the advice I got should help me to push on through design walls that I have put up around my work. It was incredible to get feedback from someone who is already engaged in the commercial world that I am aiming to become a part of. Thanks for yet another amazing experience.” – Vickie

“The most powerful element of the course was the personal review. The review has helped me to see my work as an audience would see it. Janine’s review also has given me confidence in my approach to surface design” – Karen

“The review included with the Ultimate Portfolio Builder course provided me with the professional validation and encouragement necessary to take the next step in my art career: exhibiting at a trade show.  The design advice from Rachael and her team, as well as the knowledge and camaraderie of my fellow students was priceless!” – Bley

This really is a rare opportunity to build your commercial portfolio in a structured way, with the support and guidance from established designers to boost your confidence and make you raring to go.

Don’t miss out. Join us next Monday for The Ultimate Portfolio Builder. HURRY! Places are strictly limited so don’t miss out, sign up today.

We hope to see you soon!



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