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Summer School 2017 briefs: Abstract Thread, Pure Zen and Mystical Tribes

august 2, 2017

Summer School is well underway with a pattern feast emerging right before our eyes.

We are starting to see the first mood boards, sketches, paintings, doodles, collages, inspirations and ideas emerging in response to first creative briefs.

But don’t let that stop you from signing up today, we’re only 3 days in and there’s still plenty of time to catch up! You must get in quick however as registration officially closes TOMORROW!

See what’s going on for brief #1

BEGINNER TRACKERS are going digital and high-tech with this one – see where lines and texture working to the Patternbank trend: ABSTRACT THREAD

(From top L – Bottom R: neun_zwo_neun   |  Louise Brainwood  | Dotsandwhatnot |  Sara Aguiar)

INTERMEDIATE TRACKERS – time to de-stress with design – they’ll be creating a calming, oriental inspired design to the Patternbank trend: PURE ZEN 

(From top L – Bottom R: Debbie Monson  |  Sam Pernoski | Emelia |  Claire Morosi)

ADVANCED TRACKERS get connected with nature, the cosmos, and their magical side as they work to the Patternbank trend: MYSTICAL TRIBES

(From top L – Bottom R: Hollie Victoria Thomas  |  Jackie Decker  | Bckueser |  Anne Cote)

New friendships are forming and others are re-connecting. Our new private Summer School 2017 Facebook community is active, inspiring and very welcoming with creatives from over 36 countries participating it’s amazing to see all the different cultural influences coming through already.

Summer School is fantastic value for money at just £20 (approx $27) per track and we offer attractive discounts if you sign up for more than one. Many people who signed up for one track are now asking to join the other tracks too as they’re having so much fun!

Read our 10 amazing reasons to join Summer School 2017, how to be featured in our Surface Pattern Design Lookbook Volume 4 (check out Volume 3 published at the end of May!), and find out all you need to know about this year’s Summer School. We hope you can join us.

GET IN QUICK! Summer School registration officially closes Thursday August 3, at midnight (GMT).

Don’t miss THE place to be this August – at the Make it in Design Summer School!


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