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We have been completely overwhelmed by the incredible response to The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, which has alumni from more than 65 countries across the world.


Jan Olive of Jan Olive Designs has completed all four modules in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ course. She has been blown by the technical workshops and how they have taught her to use Photoshop and Illustrator in a different way specifically for surface pattern design. Jan feels the course gave her the confidence to start her own business, manufacture her own products and start selling them in a shop in her hometown.

Claire Barnard of Missycards describes how the knowledge shared in ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ course has pushed her business to the next level and helped open her eyes up to a whole new world of possibilities and creativity. She also explains how the course is suitable for everyone, no matter what your current skill level and how important the community element of our course is.

Bonnie Christine has a successful blog ‘Going Home to Roost’ and talks here about her experience of taking ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ course, how it helped her get started in her career as a surface pattern designer and define her brand look. She shares with us some of her licensing successes and lovely product lines, including some stencil ranges for Royal Design Studio.  You can read her full interview here.

Elizabeth Olwen has an ever-increasing range of licensed surface pattern designs and talks about her motivation for taking ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ and her subsequent success at Surtex as well as working with some amazing brands such as Madison Park Greetings, Target and Cloud9 fabrics with her gorgeous designs. You can read her full interview here.

Hannah Nunn – Has a fabulous collection of paper-cut lamps and products. Watch her video about how ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ empowered her to launch her own beautiful wallpaper line inspired by nature. You can read her full interview here.

Deborah Velásquez – a multi-talented blogger, designer and artist took our course ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ and talks about how the course enabled her to springboard back into the industry after a career break and make new some great new connections. She shares some of her gorgeous work and licensing success in both traditional and digital work. You can view her full interview here.

Mary Tanana has a background as an award-winning jewellery designer and talks about embracing surface pattern design and how ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ course helped her to broaden her design appeal and connect with other designers. She also showcases her range of licensed fabric and greetings cards. You can read her full interview here.

Joanne Cocker of JoJo CoCo Designs talks about her experience as a surface pattern designer and how taking ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design’ courses have helped launch her successful freelance business after taking the decision to go solo. You can read her full interview here.

Take a look at our alumni success page to read many more inspirational tales of achievement!

From Module 1: Designing your way

“Module 1 of ABSPD has inspired me to really pursue my love of pattern and design. 
Going back to the basics of looking, seeing and noticing pattern and colour everywhere, then translating that through sketching, drawing and digital application into designs has been inspirational and uplifting! I’m very excited to get started on Modules 2 and 3” – Jocelyn

“This has been fantastic course. It takes you through pattern making step by step and makes it all very do-able and not at all overwhelming. From the sketching and inspiration boards to the technical workshops in Photoshop and Illustrator, the course is packed with information and tips to help and inspire budding surface pattern designers. The Facebook group is also very supportive. Thanks to Rachel and Beth for a great course. I can’t wait for the next modules!” – Amanda

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Belinda Sigstad ABSPD low res mod1 testimonial
Belinda Sigstad
Chrissy Gaskell_ABSPD-Typography-Testimonial-Competition_550
Chrissy Gaskell

From Module 2: Creating your professional identity

“Thank you for providing such an incredibly fun experience with Module 2. Not only do I feel more secure in building pattern collections, but I am still amazed by the level of details pertaining to building a professional image. The information provided in this class is the crème de la crème!” – Belinda

“This course is life-changing and has really encouraged me to develop my style and brand. The amount of information packed in is amazing and I feel that I have a much better understanding of trends, as well as all the tools I need to take the next step.” – Catherine
“For me the most powerful element of the course has been the insider information Rachel has given us of the design world… her own experience of trade shows, how best to prepare for them, first hand steps and tools to be a successful surface pattern designer, product mock ups – the course has literally blown my mind. And I thought module 1 was good! I feel more confident in my designs than I ever have and it is 100% down to this course.” – Niccy
If you are inspired to join us, find out more and register here!
Katherine Lenius_abspdtestimonial_lowres

From Module 3: Monetising your designs

“The greatest value of this course for me was not only to learn about the pattern business and have the opportunity to showcase my work but to be part of a community of creative, unique and supportive designers around the world including Rachael Taylor! It has helped me as a designer to appreciate the unique approach I take in design and to shape it into a brand I am proud of.” – Sandy

“This course was a wonderful asset to furthering my career in surface pattern design. The connections I have made with others in the same industry is priceless. There was a lot of great content, one of my favorite elements was the business development plan, it helped me put my dreams into perspective and create an action plan based off of reachable goals.” – Sareka

“I love the designing part, but I had no idea on how to get my designs out there. Module 3 gave me the tools and thoroughly described in detail the avenues I can take to try to get my work noticed.” – Rebecca

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Brandi Powell TYPEprintBrandi Powell

Lucia Kempsey_ABSPD-testimonial-550pxLucia Kempsey

From The Ultimate Portfolio Builder

This course is a MUST take if you are serious about your career in surface design. Whether you have a background in illustration and design or not, there is so much to be gained from all of the industry insight and invaluable content and tutorials. I can not recommend this course enough to anyone in this field.” – Joshua

UPB has given me the confidence to be the designer I have always wanted to be; to try new approaches, think outside the box with the knowledge that I am moving in the right direction. In moments of doubt I can refer to the course for reassurance and a confidence boost.” – Elaine

Excellent, full of all the information you need to become a professional surface pattern designer and good value for money.” – Isabelle


penelope_bernhardsson_fairytalePenny Bernhardsson

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