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9. ezebee Collage

What is and when did it get started? is an international social marketplace for small businesses and freelancers to showcase their work with a free online shop. Users can post unlimited listings at no cost to them and make connections with other businesses within our community.

The idea came about in the summer of 2013 when creators Ossian Vogel and Frank de Vries were discussing the affect of the economic crisis on the job market. They thought about how many people are turning to e-commerce to pursue their passions and make a business out of it. Thus, the idea of was born. Both having experience in e-commerce and understanding the importance of online marketing, the two entrepreneurs created a site that focuses on spreading the word about small business and giving freelancers and small business owners the chance to showcase their work online without spending an arm and a leg to do so.

1. Netamente Pillows

Netamente Pillows

What steps did you take to get to build the site?

The site has come to life with the thanks of a team of dedicated and talented programmers, designers, marketing professionals, and translators. Thanks to this small team of about 20 people, the site now functions in 7 languages and has a staff working everyday to improve the site and add user friendly functions and marketing tools.

What is typically found on ezebee?

On ezebee’s international marketplace you will find a variety of listings. Small businesses like jewelry makers, graphic designers, freelancers, upcyclers, artists, marketing professionals, and vintage collectors are all adding their passions to make the ezebee marketplace diverse. Recently we have been seeing food items on ezebee, and since ezebee is open to everything who knows what we’ll see next!

5. Dream's Time Dreamcatcher Earrings

Dream’s Time Dreamcatcher Earrings

What kind of website do you want to be known as?

We hope to be seen as an international social marketplace, with an open community of like-minded business owners. Instead of being a niche-oriented site, is open to any type of business. We love handmade items, but also welcome food products, freelancer listings, travel promotions, and more! We’re hoping that the site will grow to incorporate all types of businesses where the vendors on the site can work together and support each others’ businesses.

What are you working on currently?

We just relaunched our new homepage what was a lot of work. Now you can see everything ezebee has to offer at one glance. At the moment we are working on some apps offering our users ex. the possibility to use their own urls or print business cards via as well as an ezebee mobile app.

8. The ezebee Team

What advice would you give emerging designers wanting to start their own ezebee Showroom?

Get started! It’s so easy to create a Showroom on ezebee and start selling your work. It’s also free. Just set up the shop, start uploading products, and start exploring what ezebee has to offer!

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Looking ahead what are your major goals for the next couple of years?

We hope to be a social network for small businesses around the world. There are a lot of plans for the future of ezebee and with the support of our users and advertisers, we hope to continue providing this free service for small business owners worldwide!

If you were a pattern what kind of a pattern would you be and why?

A honey comb of course ;)

7. The Founders The Founders:

Ossian Vogel (CEO) comes from the advertising industry and deals with the development of online solutions.

Frank de Vries (CFO) is the co-owner of the panEuropean helicopter company Rotorflug and is responsible for the
entire finances of

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