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In each issue of MOYO Magazine we challenge you to create a set of 3 patterns inspired by imagery that we share here in the magazine. These are judged by Tigerprint who select one winner and three runners up, and feature their designs in the next issue. The winner will also receive a set of Rachael Taylor Designs products as a prize.

In order to enter, just check out the latest edition of MOYO to see what the latest brief is, and to find the submission guidelines. Good luck!

Issue 9 subject: Object Obsession

The deadline for this brief has now passed.

Find the brief (MOYO Issue 9 p66 – 67 )

Object obsessions










The results…

… will be announced in MOYO Issue 10 out in Spring 2017!

Past MOYO design briefs

Here is a glimpse of our past MOYO Design Briefs… Feel free to use them as inspiration for designing, even though the deadlines have passed for submission.

  • Issue 8 subject: Kitchen Crazy

The brief (MOYO Issue 8 p.55 – 56)

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.43.10










See the results in Issue 9 p. 56 – 57

Moyo design brief issue 8 results










  • Issue 7 subject: Words

The brief (MOYO Issue 7 p.79 – 80).

issue 7words










See the results in Issue 8 p. 83 – 84

Words results










  • Issue 6 subject: Grafitti

The brief (MOYO Issue 6 p.70 – 71):

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.10.42










See the results in Issue 7 p. 63 – 64

Moyo design brief results










  • Issue 5 subject: A Winter’s Morning

The brief (MOYO Issue 5 p.40-41):


See the results in Issue 6 p. 48 – 49

Moyo design brief results










  • Issue 4 subject: Light & Shadow

The brief (MOYO Issue 4 p. 64-67):

M4 DB Light_Shadow - Q

The results (MOYO Issue 5 p.30-31)


  • Issue 3 subject: Floral Twist

The brief (MOYO Issue 3 p.40-41):

M3 DB Floral - Q

The results (MOYO Issue 4 p.50-51):

M4 DB Floral - Results

  • Issue 2 subject: Architecture

The brief (MOYO Issue 2 p.26-27):

M2 DB Architecture - Q

The results (MOYO Issue 3 p 26-29):

M3 DB Architecture - results

  • Issue 1 subject: Circles

The brief (MOYO Issue 1 p32-33):

M1 DB Circles-Q

The results (MOYO Issue 2 p18-20):

M2 DB Circles - results

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