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Summer School Pattern Showcase

Immerse yourself in gorgeous pattern created during Summer School.


Summer School is an exciting global online design event that gives you experience working to Spring/Summer trend-inspired briefs, helps build your portfolio, connect with other designers and gives you the opportunity to get your work published!

Immerse yourself in these awesome patterns designed to S/S Patternbank trends and find out more about Summer School here.

Summer School 2016

Escape // French Riviera


View beginner track 1: French Riviera pattern gallery

Honest // Hand Marks


View beginner track 2: Hand Marks pattern gallery

Honest // Meadow Land


View intermediate track 1: Meadow Land pattern gallery

Escape // Souk


View intermediate track 2: Souk pattern gallery

Modern // Pop Art


View advanced track 1: Pop Art pattern gallery

Treasured // Summer Botanicals


View advanced track 2: Summer Botanicals pattern gallery

Summer School 2015

Soft Pop // Bright Retro

Bright Retro

View beginner track 1: Bright Retro pattern gallery

Eco-Active // Global Geometric

Global Geometric

View beginner track 2: Global Geometric pattern gallery

Eco-Active // Organic Decay

Organic decay

View intermediate track 1: Organic Decay pattern gallery

Past Modern // Classic Font

Classic Font

View intermediate track 2: Classic Font pattern gallery

Past-Modern // Reworked Classics

reworked classics

View advanced track 1: Reworked Classics pattern gallery

Deep Summer // Psychedelic


View advanced track 2: Psychedelic pattern gallery

Summer School 2014

Tropical Paradise

Tropical paradise

View beginner track 1: Tropical Paradise pattern gallery

Tribal Shapes

Tribal Shapes

View beginner track 2: Tribal Shapes pattern gallery

Retro Geometric

Retro Geometric

View intermediate track 1: Retro Geometric pattern gallery

Animal Print

Animal Print

View intermediate track 2: Animal Print pattern gallery

Water Rays

Water Rays

View advanced track 1: Water Rays pattern gallery

Tribal Collage

Tribal Collage

View advanced track 2: Tribal Collage pattern gallery

To view more beautiful patterns in our student showcases over the years, head to the blog and click the ‘Student Showcase‘ category.

View our Surface Pattern Design Lookbooks from Summer School too: Volume 1  |  Volume 2.

Find out more about Summer School here.

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