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Winter School

Winter School is an exciting global online design event that gives you experience working to A/W 18/19 trend briefs, helps build your portfolio and connect with other designers, and gives you the opportunity to get your work published!

Winter School 2019

Want to start your new year feeling inspired and full of creativity? Join our waiting list for Winter School 2019 here to get notified when registration opens!

We were thrilled to offer this exciting global online design event this past January and are AMAZED by the fabulous artwork now in our galleries. Take a peek below for some truly inspiring design work.


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Winter School 2018

2018 kicked off in style as we celebrated all things pattern, colour, and community at the Make it in Design Winter School! We loved looking at all of the amazing mood boards, sketches, paintings, collages, ideas, and pattern designs from hundreds of creatives across 44 countries.

Students were able to take one, two, or all three tracks of Winter School in order to build their portfolio with trendy, unique patterns while gaining valuable brief-led design experience.

Our 2018 trends were:

  • Beginner Track Brief 1: Neutral Art
  • Beginner Track Brief 2: Autumn Equinox
  • Intermediate Track Brief 1: Bright Blooms
  • Intermediate Track Brief 2: Kabuki’s Kingdom
  • Advanced Track Brief 1: American Prairie
  • Advanced Track Brief 2: Fauna Cyanotype

Winter School Design by Angel Walker

Winter School 2018 Galleries!

We are excited to share the fabulous image galleries below for your viewing pleasure! Click the links to see the full galleries, or search #winterschool2018 on Instagram to see the works in progress  – ENJOY! 

Beginner Brief 1: Neutral Art

View the Beginner Gallery


Intermediate Brief 1: Bright Blooms

View the Intermediate Gallery


Advanced Brief 1: American Prairie

View the Advanced Gallery


Beginner Brief 2: Autumn Equinox

View the Beginner Gallery


Intermediate Brief 2: Kabuki’s Kingdom

View the Intermediate Gallery


Advanced Brief 2: Fauna Cyanotype

View the Advanced Gallery


Surface Pattern Design Lookbooks

Our Surface Pattern Design Lookbooks have proved a big hit in the industry. They have not only been used for designers looking for inspiration, but as a useful source for companies scouting new design talent! Check out our Surface Pattern Design Lookbooks showcasing some of many gorgeous pattern designs created Summer School! This success encouraged us to keep the creativity flowing all year round, prompting the start of Winter School in 2017.

 Volume 1

 Volume 2

 Volume 3

Lookbook Feedback

“The quality of the course graduates work is excellent and incredibly professional. Arranging the designs by theme is fabulous for those looking for on trend prints such as tropical and tribal. They can find potential designs to buy or licence at a glance and can easily compare artists styles. For the students this kind of exposure is invaluable – they will have the full force of the Make it in Design team behind them, possibly reaching industry insiders you just couldn’t reach on your own.” – Marie Perkins, Print and Pattern

“The Surface Pattern Design Lookbook is an amazing resource for those just starting out in surface design and those looking to advance their portfolio. Here at DENY Designs, we are always looking to add talented artists to our family. We definitely look at publications like this to find emerging new talent. We love seeing the pieces displayed in the Lookbook with the ability to learn more about the artist, with a simple click, that created them!” – Lisa Kelly, Artist Relations Manager, DENY Designs

“It’s a really fantastic and diverse collection of on-trend surface pattern art as interpreted by a wide range of designers. It’s also a good resource for those like myself who are always looking for new designers and fresh styles.” – Sienna Parulis-Cook, Editor, Cardmaking & Papercraft

“The Surface Pattern Design Lookbook by Make it in Design is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration, and we can’t wait to see who will be featured in the next issue. It is quickly becoming a ‘must be in it’ for any emerging textile designer!” – Massimo Iacoboni, Producer, Printsource New York

“What a fabulous ‘go to’ resource for any industry seeking new design talent! I was impressed by the diverse collections and skills on show, with a commercial edge but fresh and exciting at the same time. A perfect showcase for any aspirational surface pattern designer.” – Janine Burrows, Senior Designer, Jam and Ginger Design Studio

“The Surface Pattern Design Lookbook is a great way to begin getting your work circulated and seen. Like the saying goes – ‘If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ GET YOUR WORK OUT THERE! Nothing will happen if there are no eyeballs on your work! This Lookbook is a great way to start!” – Khristian A Howell, Colour and pattern expert

Winter School Partners

We are delighted to be partnering again with the fantastic trend house Patternbank and digital textile printing experts Fashion Formula following another successful Summer School in 2016.

Fashion Formula is kindly offering a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize per track:

  • 1st prize: 3 meters of any fabric from their range and 2 tea towels
  • 2nd prize: 1 meter of any fabric from their range and 1 tea towel
  • 3rd prize: 2 fat quarters of any fabric ( 65 x 48 cm) and 1 tea towel


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