Become a multidisciplinary designer and create next level design projects

Become a multidisciplinary designer and create next level design projects with our Master Series experts!

“I want to find what feels good. And I want to encourage you to do the same. Find what feels good for you. And don’t go down a road just because others are going that way. You are unique. Embrace your uniqueness, and make it your own. The focus should be on you feeling good and having fun”. – Mister Fred

“When I was an aspiring designer there was no industry help and so many people told me that being a creative wasn’t a viable career path. To this day I still get people saying things like “oh that’s nice” in a sympathetic voice when I say I’m a designer like it can only ever be a hobby and not pay the bills. In fact, I’ve paid my bills and then some! Let me tell you something, everything, absolutely everything, has been designed by someone from your coffee cup to your car.” – Rachael Taylor

In week 3 of The Master Series you will learning how to become successful across multiple market areas. Always wanted to know how to create effectively for multiple surfaces and make it lucrative? Ever wondered what it takes to think positively about your work and stay motivated during a hard week? Have you always been curious about what goes on behind the scenes of those big, next level design projects? Ever thought about how amazing it would be see your designs used across multiple products? Our expert tutors Fred and Rachael will be on hand to guide you to becoming a flourishing multidisciplinary designer.


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