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Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a fantastic way to get your work noticed, expand your network and land clients. Whether you are looking to walk a show, or to exhibit at one, you may find these resources useful.


Preparing to exhibit at a show?

We go into Trade Shows in Module 3 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, where we spend an entire week on the following:

  • Overview of trade shows – what they are, who they are for, different types, why they can be great for business
  • Trade show diary from Surfacephilia
  • Advice for preparing your stand
  • Advice for making the most of your trade show experience
  • Interviews with Top Drawer and the British Craft Trade Fair
  • Trade Show Planning tool
  • Technical Guidance for designing a trade show brochure in Adobe Illustrator

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Want to master a show like a pro?

Join us for The Ultimate Portfolio Builder brought to you in association with Printsource New York, one of the top surface pattern design and textile shows in the world.

This advanced course looks in depth at how you can get the most out of a trade show, including;

  • How to take your product to market through trade shows
  • You want to know how to secure top deals at trade shows and attract the right work
  • Printsource New York give exclusive advice on what you need to be trade show ready
  • Master the art of dealing with clients
  • Get your hands on loads of insider hints and tips to make it look like you’ve been exhibiting at shows for years

Find out more and register for The Ultimate Portfolio Builder.

When it all goes wrong at a show

Imogen Owen shares her story of the moment she realised the boxes containing all her things ready for setting up her stand at The National Stationery Show had accidentally got binned and how she got through it. Plus she shares her top tops for first time exhibitors.

See MOYO Issue 9, p92 – 93

National Stationery Show

Surtex, New York 2016

By Jessica Hogarth

See MOYO Issue 9, p88 – 89

Jessica Hogarth

Premiere Vision, Paris 2016

By Adrienne Kerr

See MOYO Issue 9, p90 – 91

Premiere Vision

Tricks of the Trade Show

By Abigail Borg

See MOYO Issue 8, p21 – 24











Behind the scenes at…New Designers

See MOYO Issue 7, p39 – 45



See MOYO Issue 7, p24 – 27

Surtex with Forest Foundation


See MOYO Issue 4, p54 – 55

M4 TS Surtex

Top Drawer

See MOYO Issue 2, p8 – 11

M2 TS Top Drawer 1


See MOYO Issue 2, p31

M2 TS Tent


See MOYO Issue 3, p10 – 12

M3 TS Home

Progressive Greetings

See MOYO Issue 4, p16 – 17

M4 TS Progressive Greetings

Spring Fair

See MOYO Issue 4, p58 – 59

M4 TS Spring Fair




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